Beveling with given radius

Hey Guys

I’m already using Blender for quite some time now but I haven’t figured out a way to solve this problem.

I searching for a solution to bevel multiple edges with a given radius. It’s not a problem with the applied scale but one where blender is simply not offering that option?
I can change the bevel method from Offset to With, Depth and Percent but I’m missing the feature Radius.

red: base model, not bevelled
yellow: model with bevelled edges done with the bevel modifier. (uneven bevels based on the edge angle)
green: wanted result, bevel with 0.1 radius

Does someone know an easy way to do that without inserting all radii manually?

Enable Mesh edit tools 2: use fillet and radius:

Thanks for you answer!
Unfortunately, it’s still not what I’m looking for. This method works only on surfaces but not on bodies. It is better than nothing and I am glad to know this method but I don’t see why Blender can’t do this on bodies.