bevLR /// Quick and Easy good looking Bevels

Select the mesh you want to bevel, right-click and select bevLR.
The addon adds a 3 segment 0.015 bevel modifier, removes clamping, sets the bevel modifier to 30° angle, hardens the normals in the modifier and in the data panel, applies the scale and shades the mesh smooth. All within the rightclick menu. This is an average normal bevel for hardsurface objects, if you want to finetune the mod there are no direct settings to access after adding it but you can of course just use the added bevel modifier to change the values.

There is additional functionality with smooth bevel, just check the explanatory video.

Grab the Addon on Gumroad


Thank you… I’ll give it a whirl.

cool. If you have any ideas for improvements or finished an artwork with lots of bevLR bevels tell or show me :slight_smile:

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