Beware of softwares that drain GPU power even when idle

Recently my computer occasionally suddenly reboot. It usually happened when I was working with Blender with GPU compute operating. The model file is simple and not large (less than 100 KB). It suddenly reboot without warning when the viewport is rendering. In some case, my computer just freeze and making a “buzz” sound and I have to switch the computer off. Then I restarted it and heard a series of beep sound from the computer: 1 long beep followed by 3 short beep sound (I am using ASUS Z390A motherboard). Then I waited about 15 minutes and it can be restarted normally.

Then I cleaned the GPU fan and card body with air duster and the situation improved a bit.

I suspected that the GPU was overheat and start monitoring the system temperature using HWinfo.

I discovered that the programme ACDSee drain GPU even when it is idle. When it is not started, my GPU core temperature is about 40C and GPU hotspot temperature is about 50C, After ACDSee is started but kept idle, the GPU core temperature increased to about 50C and GPU hotspot temperature increased to about 60C.

So, check thoroughly for any GPU-hungry programmes and switch them off before using Blender.

One long and three short beeps with that motherboard signifies a problem with the GPU… most typically that it’s not getting enough power. Is your PSU high enough wattage for your GPU and other things requiring power?

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ACDSee is a image editor so it’s not odd if it is putting a load on your GPU while open.

If it’s open in the tray at startup, you can use msconfig to disable it and other programs from running until opened.