... Beware the light, beware Christine.

Out of darkness comes light… Beware the light.

Beware Christine!

Pretty much ended up as I was imaging when I had the idea; wish I’d managed better blood though.

Great modelling really! the rendering can be much much much better with such model…

The rendering and presentation let down this excellent, excellent modeling job. I hope when you say finished you mean, for now :slight_smile:

Holy crap is there a dead guy in that car?!? That was a surprise. Excellent job with the car. Its nice to see a completed inside too.

One other thing. Does that car have a tailpipe?

This model turned out great. Very impressive and some good work!

Must have somewhere, but most show the cars without.

Please explain. :slight_smile:

Oh, and deltray, yes that is Christine’s latest victim. For those not familiar with the book or the film, Christine is the car from a Stephen King novel; in the book she was possessed and in the film she came straight from hell.

Thank you for all comments.

First image on the left is okay. Model is great, but the car is off to the right of the screen, placed on top of a hard-edged cylinder. If this is for a portfolio, you want to showcase it for a client. The image on the right at the store or warehouse or whatever it is, is too dark, well, the background is too dark, but the car is lit up. Makes no sense. Showcase your model in an appealing way, like this: http://www.templates.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/concept_car_wallpaper_02_blacksmall.jpg


Showcase your model in a composition, like this: http://www.templates.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/concept_car_wallpaper_02_blacksmall.jpg

The bottom two pictures are fine to show the details. Hope all of that makes sense.

Yes, it does, thank you.

It’s funny I’ve been playing with the main composition as it wasn’t feeling right; I left it for a day before posting, but a good night’s sleep made me less happy with it.

I think this tells the story better; I’m not sure if I’ve got it right even now. I hate knowing what I want to convey, but can’t quite get it across :spin:. It wasn’t for a portfolio, although the studio renders were potentially going to become that.

Appreciate the comments.

Currently working on a reworking of the first studio render.

It should be.

The new render is much better, but I hate to mention the monochrome textures in the BG. While it does give more interest to the car, the background just doesn’t seem right in both color and lighting. In all honesty, the hand inside with that black yellow thing, whatever that is, doesn’t fit right. It actually detracts from an otherwise professional job here. Interior is modeled extremely well, and the hand thing looks fake, rushed and out of position. Although I do get the story here…

Having worked for awhile in this “industry” (and I hate saying that), I just want to make sure you see the potential you have here for something great, and I don’t want it dumbed down by a bad background, lighting and composition.


Well, that’s going to spur me on. I guess I need to rethink the composition then; I’ll keep the new one as a completed render for that particular story, but look at a new composition. Think I’ll work a little more on the left building - I like it’s look; it’s somewhat modern that should hopefully contrast well with the 1950’s car. What do you think? I will rethink its brick texture though.

I think that’s a good idea. Rethink the textures period, and make them fit in with that decade. A well-modeled realistic background trumps an image composition any day.

the car looks pretty good but the scene kind of feels rushed. It would be nice to see the car dirted up as well it looks too pristine at the moment. But the scene is the big thing that needs the most work.

Not planning on dirtying the car up. But, yes, redoing the scene; it wasn’t rushed, probably just lack of experience at doing one.

the modeling of the car is perfect
I just tried to make the Will Darnell garage
I love that car, Plymouth Fury red

the darnell garage is where arnie left the car overnight because he could not leave the car in the garage of his house
because his parents did not allow.
if you watched the film you will remember
hehe sorry my english

No problem and it’s a long time since I’ve seen it - my copy was on vhs and it vanished long before the player did; I switched to dvd in 1999, so it has been a while. :slight_smile:

Well, if you were in the States, you’d see this damn movie on TV all the time :stuck_out_tongue: That and a million commercials! :slight_smile: Oh, and the blue background… not so much. Distracting.

*by distracting, I mean it’s too bold. Go contrast with the color of the car, or go greyscale. That’s your best bet.

Think I like this one the best of them all now…

But, I may change my mind. I was going more grey-scale as Kris suggested, but I liked the touch of colour. I upped the glossy amount a little too, I like the affect the reflections gave to the composition.