Bezier circle

When you create a bezier circle and go into editmode, both dots to adjust the line (the yellow ones) are the same length and on the oposite side of eachother.

How can i pickup one yellow dot, so the other stays in place? I don’t want them to be in a straight line.

(When this story is not clear, just tell me and i’ll post a picture of it)

Just click the one you want with right mouse button (RMB).


When you do, the one on the oposite side moves in the oposite direction. And that is what i don’t want. Get it?

You can change the type of handle with Shft-H, H and V (see in the Curve menu).



The only thing is, that when you change it to lets say Vector, leave and enter edit mode, it’s set back to what it was! They are on the same position, but not the same mode. When i render my shape it transforms a bit i.e. the corners arn’t sharp anymore.

This affects my shape :frowning:

That’s weird! I can’t get it to do that here. I’ve been in and out of edit mode with one CV selected, one handle selected, all CV’s selected, only handles selected and nothing selected. All the above with and without EXT1 and EXT2, front, back and 3D on and off and in combinations and I can’t get anything like you explain.

If you want you can mail the file to [email protected] and I’ll look at it.


Hmm, very odd indeed. I’m @ work now and i haven’t got the problem here. Maybe it’s file specific, or just my installation @ home. But whatever it is, it is a bug :slight_smile: