Bezier curve flipped

So I am back with a another simple question, I am sure this is straight forward but hard to fix when you dont know exactly where to look.

I think the bezier is flipped in some way or another, this is further supported by the fact that when I switch direction the problem area is reversed to cover the entire curve except the current problem area. So if I could only switch direction for the problem area I think my problem would be solve but I cant.

Tried breaking the line in two and flip it then reconnect it. Tried cutting it back building it again but the problem area reoccurred after x amount of nodes. I could of course rebuild the whole curve would probably have been faster but the next time this problem occur I might want a proper faster fix. Anyway what is you guys take on this?

Did you try the mean weight, mean radius and tilt parameters?

Thanks Bruno. I will give it a go and get back.

Every paramter seems to be within bounds. At least changing them didn’t do anything.

Just noticed that when a second mesh (not curve) intersects with the problem area the artefact disappears.

I am out of answers. I am not really experienced. I only know few times I used the curve parameter I needed to tilt it around itself to get the profile as I wanted.

Thanks anyway. I really appreciate that you took the time.