Bezier Curve, My object is not where I want it to start!

Hi all,

Im here again to request some help.

I am lost with Bezier Curves, and making the object stay where it is,I have attached my file and request help in the form of explaining to me whats required to solve it… a fixed file, all be it a good thing… does not help me learn! hehe

so in my attached file I have 1x bezier curve, a torus and a cylinder.
The cylinder is there (Linked by Copy location of TORUS) so I can see where the torus world location is.
In my full project as this file is ripped apart for just the bezier and bits, Fluid sim would completely missing the torus as if it was not even there!

So I have the blend file currently with the Torus modifier OFF for the curve… Where the objects are sitting is where I would like the objects to be when the bezier curve is turned on.

So essentially I would really love it if the Torus does not move when the bezier curve EYE is turned on or off!

Thanks Shaun


Bezier Curve being a prick.blend (495 KB)

I think I’ve fixed your issue. Here’s what had to be fixed, first of all, the origin of the curve should be at the tip of the curve from which you want your object to start following the curve’s path (this is not strictly necessary but it makes some things more easy for you). Second, the direction of the curve had to be switched, the small arrows on the curve indicate what’s the current direction of the curve. Third, your curve had two “overlapping” bezier point handles which is not something that you want. Forth, the object alongside with its origin should be placed at the same spot as the curves origin, this is done by first selecting the curve and pressing Shift + S then the choosing Cursor to Selected and then while the cursor is at the curves origin you select the object that you have meant for sliding alongside that curve and pressing Shift + S once again and choosing Selection to Cursor option. This will effectively place your desired object at the curves point, all it is left is to choose appropriate sliding axis in the curve modifier, enabling the curve modifier and manually moving the object along the selected axis in order to position it at the desired point on curve.

Bezier Curve being a prick_FIXED.blend (216 KB)