bezier curve not visible but can select it and edit it.

Just getting into blender 3rd day. I’ve been watching a whole bunch of videos and one about adding bezier curves but I don’t see the curve in 3d window like in the video, I can select it by using the gizmo but that’s all I see I can enter edit mode and I see the handles and edit the curve but only the handles are showing in edit mode. I made sure check boxes in user prefs are check but after several hours trying to solve I’m stumped.

Thanks for the help.

Press N to show the properties panel on the right of the 3d view window.
Under the Display settings disable ‘Only Render’ if it is enabled.

that looked good not checked a screen shot .


Should have mentioned this sorry, blender 2.64a and OSX 10.7.4

Gota be a way to make this work.

I use blender on a Mac and have no problem seeing or using curves. Perhaps I am missing what you are saying.

upload the file so we can look at it !


Like I said very new to this. thanks for the help.


bezier curve.blend (470 KB)

i can it as a nrmal curve in viewport !

if you want to add some widht just add some depth and extrude in curve panel on the righ

or add a bevel curve !

bezier curve.1blend.blend (371 KB)


downloaded your file and still the curve is not visible as you can see.


Blender should have blender-softwaregl script in the same folder as the executable. It’s there to troubleshoot graphics problems. You could try launching Blender with it and see if it makes a difference.

adding curves and circles are visible kinda strange



I guess I don’t know where that file is, this all I have in Blender folder


If that was with the softwaregl, graphics drivers could be the culprit.
It could also be some other program messing with OpenGL.

try with latest SVN on graphical org

and see if it changes things

it could be a graphic card issue set up !