bezier curve to mesh and then uv , problem.

hi , im doing a sculpture my father did, in 3d , the model is really simple , the easiest way to do it was to do a bezier curve then extrude it and add a litle bevel , i finished all the models , so now i wanted to paint them using uv maping , but i get this problem , i supposed i cannot uv map a bezier extruded shape , so i converted it to mesh , and i got a really ugly result , so many faces , so i guess it will be really dificult to uv map such an ugly mesh ,
how can i fix it ?

by the way , does anyone know how to make a screenshot on a laptop ? i tried the button on the keyboard but it dont work .

i’ve been messing around and i saw there is a uv orco botton , wich seems to be the solution , but i dont know how to proceed , do you guys know ?

is there a way to uv map a bezier extruded form ?