Bezier or mesh for modeling this character?

Im trying to model this character here, rig it, and animate it.

His head is pretty much a rounded cube. This is so far what I’m stuck on. I tried to model him from a subdivided cube, but I couldn’t keep track of all the vertices to make the lips. I tried Bezier curves, but I couldn’t get the cube to be rounded enough without turning it back into a mesh.

Which is a more reasonable method for this situation: Bezier or mesh?

Addition: Would ripping the lips and creating an interior for the mouth affect the subdivision?

If you want to rig and animate, Beziers are basically out of the question.

Yes. No. That would depend on the mesh, which we can’t see…! Sorry to not be more helpful here!

currently, it’s a catmull-clark subdivided (3 subdivisions) cube that hasn’t been applied

if I apply the modifier and use a lattice to control the vertices instead, could I rip a lip out?

Objects that look simple are not always so simple to model, but there is a method that seems to work for most anything, and is considerably easier than modelling the traditional way, if you don’t already have a lot of practice at doing such. The method involves doing a sculpt, and then using retopo / surface snapping to construct an optimized mesh over the high poly sculpt. If I get a minute though, I may take a crack at an example using box modelling, which is a little more traditional, and a good thing to know.

this seemed to more or less get it done…I used inset for the eye holes and bevel at a level of 2 for the mouth, then alt S ( scale along normal ) on the center mouth edge.
(edit) whoops I just noticed an n-gon in there…well, there are improvements that could be made. couple of extra edge loops couldn’t hurt…
(edit) I must say, this guy subsurfaced rather nicely considering it has n-gons. I feel compelled now to make a less sloppy example though…
boxyguy.blend (374 KB)

I am now thinking, that perhaps the best way to make this, other than the sculpt / retopo method, is vertex by vertex, which is actually a good way to model things.

Mesh. Definitely.

Three ways to consider:

  1. Sculpt the model then “retopologise” to make a low poly version of your sculpt. I’ve seen some great models done this way. but I don’t usually work this way.
  2. Box modelling: start with a cube and use loop cuts, extrudes, vertex manipulation to shape it.
  3. Start with a single plane and build up the model (by extruding), by constructing topology (see tutorials e.g. here or here) - ultimately, good topology matters… this is probably how I would work.

You’ll probably want to use a mirror modifier to keep it symmetrical (at least from the beginning).