bezier to mesh and then uv map problem

Hi, im doing a sculputure my dad did , in 3d , but the problem is , i did a bezier curve , then extrude it , and add a litle bevel . now is done and i want to uv map it , is there a wy to uv map it without converting it to a mesh ?
i though this was not possible so i convereted it to a mesh but the result is an ugly mesh wich i think is so dificult to uv map ,
is there a way to convert a extruded bezier and get a regularmesh , not this mess ?

this is the result of the conversion.

If you make a screenshot, do you actually point a gun at your monitor? (:D) (Menue->File->DumpScreen if everything else failes.)

If you convert a curve to a mesh, it often helps to “beautify” the mesh (select all vertices in edit mode, hit Alt-F several times).

Unwrapping is probably very simple (but depends on the type of texture you would like to use.) Just follow the natural flow of the mesh. Alt-RMB selects an edge loop, Ctrl-E marks a seam.

If the texture allows it simply unwrap from view.

thanx man for the info , i did it , but now i got a new problem , when i unwrap it the beveled part gets separated from the side part , i want the bevel to be part of the side parts , i’ve tried diferent mark seams but still get the same result , do you know how can i fix it ?

Too many seams, I suggest. But if you would upload your file (and the texture) I will give it a shot.

The seams depend heavily on the type of texture you want to apply.

allright , do you know how can i upload a blend file ?

You can’t upload a blend-file here, you have to look for a free file host, like