BFCT - New evaluation or permanent revocation

Hi. If you´re a BFCT you already have gotten an email from Tom himself for a new proposal method to evaluate future certified trainers for Blender. Currently we are at 2.81, and for most artists it has been a pain to migrate from the past versions to the new workflow. Since BFCT started to be emitted back on 2012 (even before) but the main workflow was only -updating- things, version 2.81 brings most significant changes and all BFCT looking to continue their training work should propose their ideas for current evaluation methods with Ton.
If this is not possible, we are facing a BFCT programme termination.
Get your ideas to the usual mailing list to continue the thread, please (subscribe and reply). Subscriptions are reviewed for approval before you can post:

Thanks. I´m only informing others that might be interested in this.
No hate speech or clowning, this is a serious matter.

Thank you for your attention.


Thanks David… yes, I’m interested in hearing more. Followed your link, if you have more info please add. I will be looking into this.

No… I’m not a BFCT only aspiring. Started with Blender 2.49, however, I did see Blender when it was first released… or maybe most popular first release… opened it, couldn’t select any thing and left. Moved on to other 3D softwares. Only modeled for years…Truespace, Silo, in early other’s later. Not going to go further with this I want to Know more about becoming a [Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER.
thanks… hope all get into this discussion.:+1::clap:

I know for a fact MORE people NOW THAN EVER are searching to be officially certified by the Blender Foundation or at the very least to be trained with an official certified trainer. Mr. Roosendaal is looking into alternatives to balance that. There are other issues as well, but showing people’s interest in BFCT should get this thread going.


Thanks, I will be glued to this. At 72, I have time on my side.:laughing::heart::+1:

You can read the mail thread here:

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@DavidRivera what kind of advantages do you have as a certified trainer ?

Top-industry developers and companies seek out a certified trainer to test, train or implement Blender into their own pipelines.
If they ask you: “Can an alembic cache from particle simulation on Maya be ported onto Blender”?
BFCT: “yes”
Company: “What are some of the issues we could expect during the process when we need to read the vector cached velocities?”
BFCT:“uhm… I´m hungry… anyone…pizza…”?

I´m presenting a real life scenario for what SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, since BFCT is being taken away at this point.

In addition, if they go deep tech, you should guide them with concise answers. So the answer is: Blender caching can read the velocity vectors not on alembic native “Y” orientation, you need to offset it on Z to get the correct orientation.

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“What are some of the issues we could expect during the process when we need to read the vector caching velocities”

Okay that’s sound really boring (for me) :sweat_smile: i though it was used for teaching 3D classes and helping student, peoples, learning blender basics.

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If you want to individually train people, then yes. It´s also a factor to do that.
If you want to train a studio to do 2D animation using blender, or help them get better cloth tearing simulations, yes as well…


OK, Regarding the BFCT, Ton just opened an official thread for this issue, please follow the link to let your observations, ideas and possible solutions on the subject be known:

blender trainer is a very broad term (or trainer in general). A program like blender touches so many different kind of knowledge that I believe it to be very hard to have someone with “trainer” skills along the whole pipeline.

I think maybe one good way of avoiding situations like the one mentioned by @DavidRivera would be to have trainers certified in different areas. You can’t expect a “certified blender trainer” who is mainly specialized in, say, modeling and scultping, to know that alembic particles vectors. As probably someone who is more a techincal artist, won’t be able to give really good trainings on the sculpting side of blender. So maybe we need to have some separation especially between more artistic or technical skills.

On top of that, I don’t know what are the requirements at the moment to become a certified trainer. It goes without saying, that to be a certified trainer you would have to follow some course and pass some exam that can… well… certify properly your knowledge :smiley:

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Yep. Sound advice. Please go to the blender today thread. Copy paste this message. Everyone overthere is voting to eliminate the BFCT completely.
Counter intuitive if you ask me since big companies require -only- certified technicians in this software ALL THE TIME.

done. adding some mroe stuff to reach the 10 characters :smiley: