BG contest - were the moon landings faked?

hey all…
so you can probably guess what this is about… i don’t feel the need for speed… uhh… need for explaining it.
anyhow, really interesting concepts i have in mind, i would finalize something and sketch them next week.
this week i was getting the things ready, all the required refernces… textures… all set to go.
besides i wanted to do something other than cars so why not.
anyway… i’m going for a different approach this time…
get materials ready first…
then do the modelling, so here’s what i have so far

i am still working if i can get some cool ass craters to appear procedurally, if not i’ll have to make or bake some textures and sh*t

You ttok my idea :frowning:

aww… dude… so sorry, but i think you and me both would have different results even if for the same topic
different composition
different modelling!
no big deal!

Looks like a good moon surface material. Also the two of you picking the same topic is great not just from a modeling standpoint but also the overall interpretation of the conspiracy. I’m assuming you’re saying the government faked it in this interpretation but as the competition implies it could be anything, one interpretation could involve aliens or something other than the typical government conspiracy. There’s probably going to be many moon landing renders for this competition and it will be great to see everyone’s interpretation of the subject.

okay time for another material…
now i have created the shader for that lunar module… that golden thing that the astronauts come out of.

i feel kind of stupid that i download every texture needed but end up making all these materials without ANY texture… this is all inside blender material only.

i currently don’t have any plans to sharing what the scene would look like… because @alewisde’s comment has a point. there are going to be many entries on this same topic. and you know the deal with competitions…

In it to win it :smiley:

Looking good the materials :smiley:



Add some displacement… the normals (bumb) are WAY to high.
Add a displacement modifier with this texture + the current normal but 75% less strong.

Jim Morren

Here I have a sample of what I mean,

It’s a Standard Sphere with the Noise Texture (Also Known as Cloud Texture) set at size 10

I multiplied it with the math node at 6 and 2;


add more realism too it :wink:

Jim Morren

This is a good idea!

ho… hold onn … hold onn.
i could get a displacement modifier on it but dude… that’s an diffuse shader not a glossy!!!
anyway… i see what you mean… but i don’t think any displacement would be necessary… according to me and the final image.
and then it needs to look like paper… you know what i mean. not like random clouds and stuff…

EDIT: i might just actually rework it… cause you know… cycles.

I based my sample on references like this:

[the black in the gold “paper” is reflection of space onto the “paper”]

Jim Morren

oh yeah got it… my bad… sorry
fixed it now… does it look less paper/plastic now?

The way you showcase your materials is cool, what is that?
I love the idea behind the project too.

Are you talking about the shader ball? it is one that me and pranavjit made, and actively make updates to. Can be found and downloaded here>

It Misses some Wrinkles… it looks like a gold-water… to smooth

Jim Morren

yeah notice how each wrinkle is a full straight line… i was not able to achieve as such and ended up making curvy wrinkles. i don’t seem to have any idea to how to do those straight wrinkles.

BTW it won’t matter. my main inspiration for this project was the beginning 7 minutes of transformers 3. it seems that the visual effects studio hasn’t really done the same and so why should i care to? anyway… i’ll see if there are some last options left for me to achieve those straight wrinkles(probably draw the textures in PS)

thanks for the citique!
i should get moving now… i don’t think i should really pay all that attention to materials… there are atleast 10 more to do.

okay another material
this time it’s a space suit anti sun radiation helmet glass thing
the one that astronauts have to sacrifice their selfies as their face don’t show
that golden thing on their faces… OH GOOOD I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT!!!

I Like It! :yes:

thanks man… appresiathe it