BG Future Tech comp

Hey guys,

When I started working on this project, I decided to start WIP thread right after I am done with modeling. According to my time schedule, that was supposed to happen 10 days ago (haha, great time management skills!). Therefore I am not sure if I am going to be able to finish it.

Any suggestions so far? I will try to keep this thread up to date!

Cool, I think this image has story telling potential and modeling etc is looking great. Try to finish it :slight_smile:

According to my time schedule, that was supposed to happen 10 days ago (haha, great time management skills!)

But the additional time you spent for the modeling was well invested. The modeling is great! :slight_smile:

At the moment the way the robot/android/thing is holding the ring box looks pretty unnatural, but I’m not sure if that is the intended effect. Right now he’s holding it on his fingertips, making his hand look really claw like. It would be more natural I think if it was just in the palm of his hand. Again, you might be intending to make the robot look more unnatural and inhuman.

Besides that, the modelling looks great and I can’t wait to see the textures on it. Good luck.

ToshiCG, thanks! You recognized the story. That’s awesome!
minorbus, ok I will try my best to finish it on time.
JavaLodge, I see what you mean by that unnatural looking pose. That was not my intention. Even more I was trying to make him as much human like as possible. Firstly I made the pose using “real hands” as you can see on the image bellow. However I failed to model robot hand with thumb being able to move in more than one direction. Therefore it was impossible to reproduce the same posture. Thanks for pointing this out. After I am done with everything else and I would still have time left, this will be the first thing to fix!

Also what do you think, should I go with short hair or the long one?

Working on the teeth an gum. I used solidify to create a small saliva layer. For teeth I am using SSS shader and for gum mixture of diffuse and translucent.

Just a quick update, I decided to use SSS also on the gum. That will add color variation around the teeth without using any texture. Also I added subtle noise texture for displacement.

I have a question! (any feedback appreciated) - I am working on the diamond material. I would love to bring focus of the image on the ring so therefore I was thinking if I should use light spectrum dispersion or not (the bottom one is with).

-The color will help to bring eyes to it
-It is more realistic

-It takes forever for fireflies to disappear
-Do I really want color?

Again, ANY feedback appreciated!

The pores and wrinkles are giving me headache. Working on the high poly mesh!

A quick update on the gum with Subsurface scattering

Just ran into a bug. I found out that this is issue with quadro gpu drivers… (

updated to Blender 2.76-rc3 and the bug is still there

For the last 2,5 hours I was struggling with displacement baking. As it turned out it most probably is something to do with my Blender version because of the fact, that it worked completely fine with Blender 2.69

This is going well. Very nice attention to details.
The skin details may be better faked somehow if time doesn’t allow you to spend more time on them.

ToshiCG thanks for the response!
The only reason I am trying to pay a lot of attention to the skin is because I want to render it in 4k. I am running into a lot of trouble. My graphics card is not liking the idea of making 8k texture and there fore is constantly keeping to run out of memory! I think I will have to go with 4k and later do heavy post processing on the skin.

Diffuse map is slooowly getting there. Still a long ways to go

My psd with all the maps is little too big :eek:

So far I am pleased with the result!

Just updated the bump map with one containing details that I sculpted. Should look much better now

Here is the progress so far

Things to do:
-Something seems of with the skin diffuse (wired dark spots)
Identify and fix the problem
-Change lighting (It looks too overpowered when you look on the robot’s head)
-Robot materials are mostly just placeholders
-Change them/tweak them
-Texture the clothing
This will probably be the tricky one
-PP and composition

Edit: forgot to mention add particle systems for the hair!