BG future time

All parts modelled in Blender, Textures painted in Gimp, render 2000 samples in Cycles…final effect in Gimp!

AO View and wire mode!!!

Good robot design!


looks great! I like how you used the smoke/steam.


Good metal material. And I love the small details in the model, remids me of one of those tiny robot that you can make yourself xD However the only thing I’d change is the pose, because this one does not look dynamic. But great job anyways.

Thanks…i know, the pose is to be modified!!!

Wow wow wow amazing textures details…show me the textures used!

Awesome render…textures and shaders are perfect!!!

Thanks friend!!!

Really like the robot design, but I feel like it’s in a awkwardly static pose. It feels too straight, and looks like it would fall on it’s face. I would suggest (if you rigged it) bending the right knee, lowering the torso and straightening it out, and bending the right elbow to bring that hand closer in…

Yes i know, i have to review the pose! :frowning: