Bg3D is Home!

I got a new website at
and it is starting to look alive! I got a new theme and everything , how do you liek my newfound webdesign skills?(DreamWeaver is a really
cool program)
blah blah blah don’t know what to say. Please tell me you like it!

  • bg3D

I’m sure this is quite exciting for you right now : enjoy !

For the moment it is a little naked. The name is right though and the logo not bad at all. When you’ll have more elements you’ll be able to make a better composition of you pages ; for now everything is too much to the left, on 1028x768 at least. I’m not sure about commenting your icons in the menu. It’s normal for you to be unsure for the moment but it is a little redundant. Maybe it’s just a personal dislike, like that I have for voices commenting off camera in movies…
I hope that you’ll get away from the black background in the long run. I know that it is a popular ‘color’ in CG but it is much better to adapt the background to your subject. Indeed, an artist worth its salt knows that first of all things.

Anyway, the place feels already good and I’m confident that you’ll make something of it.