BGC Character- Lady Totenkopf

Guess I will give it a try. Here’s a scribble of my concept- I realize I am not much of a “painter” but I hope it gives an overal idea.

You dont have to be a painter, your concept is very readable so good job :slight_smile: I like the idea :slight_smile:

I like the concept… have fun modeling it…

Thank you, gents, I will do my best.

really nice concept. I look forward to seeing this come to life :slight_smile:

Interesting though I’m not sure if the BG comp allows for multiple characters - the pigs or dogs or whatever she has on a leash there - seeing as all the examples Andrew gave on the actual website are single individuals period.

I really like the concept and as peter18 said look forward to seeing this one evolve.

Personally, I don’t see the pigs as being separate characters, they strike me as accessories. If I were competing I would have no objections, but obviously that would be Andrew’s call.

The pigs/dogs will be fine. They aren’t the main focus…accessories is a good term, as Ryeath said.

Hum… maybe I’ll work on a pet “accessory” for my character then.

If they will not be ok- I will remove them. It’s not like it is a big deal anyway (but thanks for mentioning).

Starting with the head.

wooow will be really great i think!
how does you have do the head with retopology or sculpting or modeling vertex by vrt??
it’s very clean

Vertex by vertex. What you see here is mesh with subdivision modifier applied, so it got much denser. That’s how it looks like without it.

Going down…

ah!now i can see how deos you have do it
very good but i think the head is small
should scale it up

No the head’s relatively in proper size for having no flesh … Totenkopf in German means skull [death head].

More of base shape

Working on dress

i think it will be a good work when you’ll finishe it

Base mesh posed, prior to sculpting