BGC- Exteel themed entry

Not sure if you guys remember that shooter

One of my favorite games and probably the only online game I played for meaningful amount of time. Big, asian style mechs. In my entry I want to show one of them as “abandoned” and overgrown. So: here is a concept of machine itself

I will be uploading results to Sketchfab- that should make reviewing it way easier then static previews. Starting with foot. Yes, I know, it is not yet beveled and not all details are in place.

Day 3. Knee. I will probably finish lower part of leg today and then upload to sketchfab.


Lower leg complete (some minor details left)

Full leg.


Very nice! Did you want to do any rigs/animations?
Keep work on!
Powodzenia! :wink:

Thanks mate. No rig for contest entry (no time) but I will provide rigged version for Blendswap.

Powodzenia :slight_smile:

Time to speed things up. Completed and assembled (test only) to the waist

lookin pretty snazy so far. I love the style of the rendering.

I am afraid I will go for realistic in final pic. Anyway- legs and hips posed, time to start with torso and upper body

Idea is: since game is no longer existing, mech will be damaged, almost like crawling, but with a tree growing out of its back. New out of old, new begining and all that jazz.


Okay… so here it is (I mean- mech), almost complete and posed (apart from arms). Now it is time for vegetation…


Mech ready, working on environment.


That’s a weird ass pose :slight_smile:

Well- it is “broken” mech, I kind hoped it shows.

Depends on how it got “broken” I suppose. Was it destroyed in a fight or did it just fall apart because it wasn’t used in centuries? If it got destroyed in a fight maybe some parts should have fallen off or have impact marks or something. If it was broken down by time then maybe it was in a resting position like standing straight or sitting.

So- here it is. In the end I have decided to go for comic book/ cartoon look to fit in time. Realistic environment was almost there, but rendering time would rule out my submission so I had to drop all dust, vegetation and most of textures and got for what you can see here. Hope I did not annoyed you too much and thank you for watching


Pose is still not working for me :slight_smile: But I do really, really dig the cartoon look and the debris to the right! Also the model of the mech itself is awesome, I think it works very well with the cartoon look.

Thanks dude. I kinda liked it so I’ve decided to leave it but again- it means a lot to hear your opinion (no sh*t). Much oblieged.

If anybody is interested entire blend is here:

it came out great bro. i love the cell shaded look.

Thank you very much, really glad you like it.