BGE Bullet physics problems.

I cant seem to get BGE to do anything right.

In EVERY 3d game i’ve played, 3rd or 1st person, the charecter moves up slopes fine. just like walking on a flat plane only going up along the slope, of course. But I havnt been able to do this in blender. I’ve tried DLoc, but that just either goes through the hill, or goes in partially then jumps back up a ways. (it does go up the slope, just jumps and shakes a lot)
I switched to linear force. That works a bit better, it still jumps a bit though. That is NOT what I want.
In addition, if I were to stop going up, I just slide back down. Thats not right.
I tried using sumo but gravity wont work for some reason.
Also while using LinV in bullet, going down a slope, I just move STRIAGHT ahead. not down the slop. striaght. I wont fall down due to gravity untill I let go of the button. Why?

Whats wrong with collision detection? When I move up to a wall, with dloc, or linv, it jumps and shakes. Then goes through. In any game i’ve played, it does neither. How can I prevent these things in BGE?

for now these are my major problems. Any help please?


use the walkscript from the walkthrough demo on the official blender site.

it’s the best walkscript i’ve found

I readed somewhere ( I don’t remember where ) Erwin saying that he will create in future a collision object ( probably an Elipsoid one ) that it will be the best to be used for characters. Right now we don’t have something like this. The bigest problem that I came thru is that as the object moves ( say a circle ) the local coordinates are changing, so the preveus front is becoming something else. I don’t know if you found a trick to overcome this.
There is a sample of first person shooter at the engine_physics_demos located here:
but soon you will realise that the object is flying ( no good).
Erwin said that the best place to post Bullet specific problems with Blender is his site: under the forum area there is a part named “Blender with Bullet Physics”