BGE camera is guilty again

Here is how the texture on some buildings is supposed to look and then second image shows how BGE camera is screwing around. See images. There is no way that the texture is supposed to look so terrible and so distorted when mipmaps are turned off. That’s 100% guaranteed bug and wrong-ness in the calculations somewhere.


Maybe if you turn on AA?:smiley: Maybe it affects textures too? And that way destroys framerate more than just mipmaps off:D

This is normal. It is called Moiré pattern.

That is one reason, why we have mid-mapping. Alternative options are supersampling and 2D filters.

That one is not even slightly close to normal. To call it normal it would have to look at least similar to the texture. It’s guaranteed wrong-ness in calculations somewhere. Definitely some wrong texture projections or transformations somewhere in the code.

It looks like a 4K cinema quality, doesn’t it ?

Just look how clean is the texture generated by Inkscape and how crappy is the result in Blender after texture projection. WOW

Purpose of mip-mapping:

Examples without mipmapping:

It’s the reason we use mipmapping