BGE code engine size and structure


I’m considering using BGE for an iOS game and want to find out if someone can tell me the size of BGE compiled to IOS with no content?

What we are planning is to try and separate the core engine compiled code from the game specific compiled code and assets so we can load and unload the game(s) as needed. Do you know if the BGE structure supports this?


There is no game specific compiled code.

You have the blenderplayer + .blendfiles (alternative several data files)

The game engine provides an API solely through Python, or by modifying the source to the engine itself, requiring a rebuild of Blender.
You could reduce the size of Blender by stripping out unnecessary aspects of included libraries.

Nevertheless, this is probably a waste of time. The reason for this is that there are a number of licensing issues with using GPL content on the Apple store (in certain conditions), and the BGL cannot be bundled with data in this manner.

Furthermore, it would not be sensible to do this yourself when there are a number of other platforms which explicitly state that they support iOS.

Best of luck, Angus.