BGE Convenience Scripts

So far, I have been using the BGE as a game prototyping tool and Unity as the game engine of choice. I have made a lot of prototypes in the BGE and after a while I got tired writing the same scripts over and over again. I also got tired whenever I try to navigate through the labyrinth of folders finding the right script for the job. So I made scripts that would help me prototype quickly and easily. For a time, I have been improving these scripts and kept them to myself until now. I felt that I need to share these scripts to the BGE community so that people would use them in their projects and also improve it as they see fit. So I uploaded these scripts to GitHub:

I hope these scripts will help you in your project and if you want to improve them you could as you see fit.

Hi, thanks for sharing. I took a quick look at your scripts and it looks nice. I’m not very good at python but I’ve just a remark about you clamp function:

def clamp(minLimit, maxLimit, value):
    return max(minLimit, min(value, maxLimit))

Wow, thanks. Currently I am planning on making a reference just in case. Also, I may include your scripts as function “clamp2” so I can compare results.