BGE DEV (APRICOT): BGE Alpha fixes, including clip alpha and alpha sorting

That’s right, it seems that proper alpha sorting is now in the BGE, look at this pic. for example.

ZOMG!! peed my pants

edit: they already merged the fix with the trunk, recompiling…

what is clip alpha?

Dude, far the best fix ever! (at least in the graphics department XD) No matter how much shaders go on the run if the alpha isn’t sorted correctly! HELL YEAH!

cd, you’re awesome. Thanks for keeping track of the updates and posting for everyone. This is a huge help.


Finally! This is so awesome! I can’t wait for the final, stable, and optimized Apricot release.

Thanks for the updates CD!

again, what is clip alpha?

Thanks CD for posting this!

Sim88, sorry I don’t know. Looks like something to do with layering?

alpha clipping means there wont be “alpha blending” so either the alpha is at “0” or at full ,but that kill the smoothness like in the pic posted before.

okay thanks.


Man, finally we can do jungles!

why did it take like 60 freakin years to work out the alpha sorting!?


So which one do we use if we want shadows for our leaves?

Best news I’ve heard from this entire Apricot business. Thank you.

Yes! Apricot is genious! Now I’ll go make some plants :smiley:

Wait no… there’s no dl link… I’m sad :frowning: But It’ll be there soon XD


Does it support the realtime shadow now ?

Yes, It’s supported that for a while now.

ok thanks …