BGE DEV: Re-Instance physics mesh (for armatures/shape key deform, mesh switching)
Now all deforming objects can have their bounds dynamically updated, list of uses

-characters dynamically updating their physics bounds
-armature deforming mechanical objects
-dynamically updated bounds when a mesh is replaced
-tentacled creatures where each tentacle can collide with objects independently because of the dynamic updating of bounds

He mentions this is a frequent requent from these forums and now you have it, enjoy.

BTW: Don’t forget Benoit’s latest work for the BGE as well (the IK algorithm):cool:

Practical uses:
Giant battle hammer with physics and mass set to a very high number for good old fashioned hammer action

This sounds really cool, many uses… although I fear that it may cause significant lag.

Not sure if you missed it. But that is part of the dynamic loading being implemented by ideasman42, funded by the community. It’s more detailed here:

The speed hit depends a lot on the polycount of the meshes and how many its updating at a time.

I’m sure people will update for every frame and anyway and then wonder why it runs slow when they have 20 people walking about, but managed well and I think its workable.

You just need to be careful probably have a lower poly physics mesh and try minimize the updates where possible.

This is perfect for a real-time sculpted level editor (as seen in WC3, for example)- also, average framerate for intensive stuff (such as this will probably be) can be improved by updating once every X frames (or splitting up which objects are updated on which frame)

I don’t know the framrate hit, but I doubt it would be viable to update even one character regularly, and expect to be able to do anything else (I could be way off base though) if you want a character to interact with the environment, it’s probably best to have a collision object set to cylinder parented to each bone.

Or you could divide the terrain in little tiles as different objects and just update the small parts that are being edited. Unless for whatever reason you wanna change the whole planet 60 times every second, then that could slow you down :stuck_out_tongue: