BGE HTML 5 exporter

I was thinking of doing a kickstarter so we could publish BGE games right to html 5.

I don’t have the skill, but if we can get the money around, I am sure there are some names that could pop onto this thread, that can do this, for a years salary…

publishing to HTML5 would mean that we could have a embedded player, (as part of the export) that serves adds that generate revenue… FOR BGE development.

as far as GPL goes, how does this apply to a standalone generated by blender?

As far as I know, HTML 5 might have the same issue as Flash when it comes to interactive 3D content, and that is performance.

Don’t forget the fact that a 3D game is a lot more resource intensive than the simple 2D games made in engines like Stencyl. HTML 5 may be able to run those types of games, but I haven’t really seen 3D games made with HTML 5 and developing a ‘Publish to HTML 5’ option for the BGE would not be worth it if it runs slow.

If you want an embedded player you can use the Burster browser plugin

Give me $60,000 dollars, and I will do it in one year.

Do a kickstarter for mobile bge port. :slight_smile:

I have looked at burster, can it run with all the resources that the current BGE has?

What are the limitations?

If I download the bruster plugin, it can play a raw .blend?

If all mobile devices that are in development support html 5, then we could export via chrome :smiley:

check this out,

we need to make BGE stomp a mudhole in this :smiley: and add in the “Built in” BGE dev support adsense adds, as well as 1 frame for a “blend creators Adsense slot”.

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But before you do a kickstarter you should talk to a bge dev.

Why? It’s not a bge development issue.

WebGL (Web Graphics Library)WebGL is a means to have GPU accelerated 3D in browser. Based on OpenGL ES 2.0 (the same as Adobe Flash Stage3D) it offers a direct route to the 3D graphics API, including shader support via GLSL. As it runs on GPU performance is hardware dependant, but typically significantly higher than Canvas. From a game development perspective you can of course create 3D games with it, and some notable examples like SKiD Racer and GT Racing have done just that. All the issues inherent with 3D development on other platforms are manifest in WebGL as well such as memory / bandwidth required for texture and model data, the variety and respective speeds of GPUs and the evolving nature of the technology. The other massive gotcha about WebGL is that Microsoft have no public plans to support it yet. So you won’t find it in Internet Explorer or the new Windows 8 Metro. That doesn’t rule it out entirely, but it makes adoption of it a harder sell to clients. On the flip side it’s gaining traction in mobile. iOS5 has it built-in although currently disabled and Firefox on Android supports it.

This is interesting :smiley:

The ability to publish html 5 games to android , ios, and everything else would make the BGE competitive with unity,

add in the built in revenue stream for the dev section, and the engine could be re-iterated through, both by an explosion in development by users, but also by the dev input stream…

If many people were publishing via this route, then the game engine could get features like networking libraries and “multi-blending” think verse but with every integration with the UI, and a chat app and voice app…

Then blender team project members etc . could all “stand” in the same blend, and discuss how to proceed…
and publish right from a collaborative server…

I have worked on games in secondlife, and it allows for teaching, learning, and creating content at the same time. but these are just my feature requests, I think the community knows best…

So you can write html 5 then use phonegap to wrap it in a mobile platform wrapper…

This says it’s free and open source,
Can blender source gobble up some of it?

Another thing, exporting python to JavaScript I have seen… is it reliable?

just found this -

and this

The BGE cannot be “ported” to the web in the traditional sense of the word. However, it is possible to make a JavaScript engine that provides alternatives for most BGE features, where logic/graphics data is exported from Blender, and runs in the browser, in virtually the same way.

There are projects like emscripten that can compile C/C++ source into JS, and therefore port CPython to JS, but there’s more to software than just the language itself, and you would actually have to set up browser alternatives of OS services, typically used by native code.

It’s by no means trivial, but it can be done, and I can do it, for $60,000.

So, go get the money, and you’ll have “web publishing”.

However, it’s not going to help most people here, because they are not capable of making anything that anyone anywhere would actually be willing to spend time and play, let alone pay for the privilege.

But hey, if you can get the money together, I’ll be more than happy to take it.

In the end, with the development done…

in your own opinion would it be worth it?

I will start drawing documents, and researching statistics to put in the kickstarter…

Also for this type of a Job do you think that is a middle of the road Quote? 60,000 ?

I don’t intend to have them pay, except in kickstarter,

The end result will be a open project, that might apply to getting the bge doing a lot more then just running games. (mobile platforms are mobile) :smiley:

I would want the code to end up “Trunked”

Not that anyone cares, but no, I don’t think it would be worth it, for reasons I already stated, in many, many different threads (and implied here as well).

Also for this type of a Job do you think that is a middle of the road Quote? 60,000 ?

That’s just my price. If you give me that amount of money, and a year to get it done, I can give you “web publishing”.