BGE in video and film production.


I wonder, if the BGE can be used in film and video production or it is only for game development?

I’m asking because I don’t know if it is worth to learn it. I work in film and commercial industry, so I wonder what kind of problems can be solved using BGE in video production?

Who has the experience?

thank you

Well, it’s a “Game Engine”. It’s not supposed to help on video production. Maybe now it could be used as a player for VR movies.

Everything that you could do in BGE but you want it to put it in a video, you can (and should) do it with bpy. For example if you want a music visualitzation.

Thought maybe this technique will be more useful as a “game”, so you will be able to use it as a player in real time for any song. And with some advanced stuff you could do something like this: