BGE is a waste of time, Lets group together and make something better

Give me your views,

The normal starting point is for you to give your views

I think the thread name says it all.

The thread tells me nothing of any use about your views, it implies little thought. I’d expect why it’s a waste of time and what you think would make it better. Isn’t that what you expect other people to answer with ?

Without that, the thread title just seems like trolling, and a very unimaginative one at that.

Oranges are poisonous, we should explode the world. Give me your views. So you see the issue?

There is a plenty of game engines already, there is no need to make new ones!

Yep, my bad i was wrong, Enjoy BGE.

I agree totally, i wanted to cook some roast beef for my tea and the game engine was totally useless. i had to use an actual oven in the end :frowning:

@Small Troll, Your full of shit, show me one post youve made that actualy helped anyone… I cant be bothered with trying to wake you boys and girls up. 11.42, This app will die if you dont do something.

I like people when they take there meds, otherwise they can be… trollish…

Make stuff, or be cool enough to have friends help you because they like you… or do what you know how to do to earn what you need from them, or pay people… or be… something else…


It depends on who you talk to. If you talk to me I would tell you that Unity is a waste of time:

Creating anything with game engines takes a lot of time, and so no one can give you the right answer on what to use for your tools. It’s going to depend on how much time you invested with the tool and your skill set in general.

People use BGE because they want to use Blender to make realtime projects or to prototype assets, etc. It’s that simple.

Creating a game engine from scratch takes about 6 months to a year, and is it going to be better than BGE? Just look at GameKit, a great project, yet it still does not have all the features that BGE has, and it’s not as well integrated (i.e. separate window when you press play rather than playing the content in the viewport like BGE, etc).

BGE benefits from sharing the same code base with Blender. So no, it’s not a waste of time, we just need to improve it.

its a community forum, my posts aren’t obliged to help any one. anyway if your interested in helping to develop the BGE then maybe talk to Sinan, who’s actually proposing development of BGE rather than making threads whining about it.

Im not trolling, Sorry but BGE is naff. The whole idea was to get people to understand soemthing new needs to be done. Ill let you you all stick your head in the sand and think something good will turn up. I have funding, but this was the response i expected.

No I am just saying, if it broke fix it, if you can’t, ask someone who can, if they don’t have time, then pay them so they do, I am not trolling either, we are only free to do what we have the option of doing, those with the talent to do these things, can usually help humanity in other ways then the bge :slight_smile:

Seeing as this is a Blender forum, saying how much the BGE sucks is NOT going to get you anywhere. You don’t need uber high-tech ray tracing to make a good game. Nor the GLSL shading method for that matter. Blender is good enough for lots of people.

If you want people to understand your point of view, you need to explain it thoroughly and clearly. You didn’t really do that. Instead, you basically said “give me your views” and “nuff said” when prompted to explain. When you did explain what you were working on / proposing, it was in a wall of text that didn’t have correct punctuation, spelling, or grammar, and wasn’t clear.

Now, I am not against a new engine being made to replace or surpass the BGE, but as Sinan said, creating game engines takes a LOT of time - time that already isn’t spent on the BGE. Where is it going to come from? Why spend years working on another engine when you could spend months improving the BGE? You say that you have funding, but how long will that last? Do you plan for it to be open-source? We see how long its taken GameKit to come as far as it has, and it isn’t close to the BGE in terms of accessibility.

Didn’t we have this discussion a month or so ago, don’t be too surprised if a lot of people give you the same answer, that is the fact that a full pathtracing engine for the BGE will only make it usable with the absolute best (expensive) hardware, and even then you’re still not talking heavy amounts of logic and physics and the like.

And even with that hardware, the demos I’ve seen are still somewhat noisy, especially in areas with higher contrast in the lighting. There’s a reason why a lot of cutting edge engines are continuing with rasterization techniques to provide crisp graphics while maintaining a solid 60 FPS. The Brigade raytracer is pretty neat for what I does, but the underlying technology when factoring in hardware limits is not ready to be used in full commercial-quality projects just yet.

And another thing, Solarlune also correctly mentioned that a new game engine for Blender would take years of dedicated development, look at the GameKit for example, it’s been in development for years now and it still hasn’t reached feature-parity with the BGE. It’s probably better to overhaul the BGE itself in stages so people can get their projects through the process in one piece instead of having to start again from scratch.

I was never asking for a full patn tracer engine, but a new look at how raterisation engines and raytracers can be combined as two different engines working of the same set of data. Your all right, me coming on here and saying BGE was naff was never going to make me friends, but it was never intended too. Ill take my research in another direction from now on, BGE is not the place for me suggesting new things. Cheers and my bad for any bad feeling.

“Lets Group together”?

I do not think this is the right audience for such a request. This is a Blender forum specially for BGE users. The mayority of forum members want to create a game, not a game engine. The BGE is a mature game engine allowing to create games.

Somehow I doubt you will find someone here looking on your wishlist not to mention to be able to implement that. I suggest to look at or other development related forums. Throwing buzzwords in the air does not make anyone a developer.

Btw. Sarcasm is not a goodway to express an opinion.

@Monster, You show me 1 decent blender game engine release (if there has even been 1), and i wanst being Sarcastic. I just decided that no longer is it worth me looking at BGE or this forum, it’s old tech with old ideas that never worked to start with. I do hope someone can make this engine work, but i cant see it, and after trying to push new ideas it’s clear thats not what anyone on here wants, they want to think if they spend 2-3 years learning it their make something in the end. I dont agree. Life is the sitution of recognising when somethings fjnished, and genesis needs to take place.