BGE last stand

Hi there

I know BGE is dead … but here is what I am going to tell you

I watched the Into The Breach game, and a thought stroke me: only if I had their vision, I would certainly be able to implement such a game in BGE.

So, it is not about the engine, it is about the skills, hard work and dedication.

Now, I am making a game in BGE and will finish it, and publish it regardless the BGE status just to prove the point.



I will keep you posted guys!


Thats the spirit! I go to college studying a diploma in game development, we’re taught to 3D model and use unity and I can still produce better games in hours with BGE then most of my classmates can in weeks on unity. It has almost nothing to do with the software and everything to do with the developer. They’re pretty lazy and unenthusiastic to learn how to program and 3d model.

I guess if you were to make a generic game and built everything using free assets, script handlers cut and pasting code from online tutorials, i can see the enthusiasm for unity over BGE.


“I am an artist and I can draw great pictures with this pencil, but now they stop producing those, so I’ll imediately stop drawing picturtes with it, because my pictures worth nothing if the pencil is out of production”

Listen how it sounds…stupid…right :rofl:


I am still making a game in the blender game engine! Keep the faith!
You can check out the project here or you can check out my twitter feed where I post progress on the game!


That is is sort of nonsense really to the op, a good game requires skills and talent, a team of people. Can blender produce a real polished game. I guess with the correct people.


OP? What is OP? Original Publisher?

What’s this thread abt again?:thinking:


I often also cite the example of a pencil and paper :smile:

Close, Original poster.

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Ohhhh. Gotcha!

what if they’ve been making better looking and faster pencils for years before your pencil went out of production

You didn’t got the idea. No matter how good looking is the pencil or how new it is, it is still not gonna make your game for you.
Making a game - modeling, texturing,lightning, animation,programming is not what engines do…it’s your job.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the BGE (at least the UPBGE variant) sticks around for a long time, this being regardless of whether or not they manage to get the engine to interface with 2.8.

Case in point, people still use the original Doom engine and variants of the engine have been created and developed beyond the original feature set (such as multiple layers of floors or sectors). For some people, working with an old engine is seen as an interesting hobby and a challenge to see if a decent game can be made.

The takeaway here is that even if UPBGE’s development goes dark, a minority of people will still use it until it literally stops working on their hardware, but you won’t get far trying to convince people that the engine is actually setting the standard in both features and innovation as some die-hard fans might wish.


I feel like BGE has a place, and it shouldn’t be entirely ignored, discontinued or overlooked.

People always push me toward new tools, and those are great, but I worked at Disney and I know better where newer tools that promise “creative freedom” lead.

For those of you that doubt the value of BGE :

In a world where all films seem to be expensive CGI animation - there are still stop-motion films being made that can have just as much heart and originality. I personally believe that BGE will have it’s day in the sun.


Thanks for all the replies.

Did not follow the discussion, plan to have some prototype soon! Get Ready!

Maybe that 1 day we will come to a point that comparing game engines will be as much as relevent than comparing today programming language for the matter of making games… ;

We have reach such a level of abstraction and CPU power that the really things that matter is the time and man power used to produce a game.

Documentation, exemples, community, assets, solid templates … and nothing else matters

Also, a game engine can be promoted as a good learning tool. I tried Unity once, i was on the edge of deep sickness when i see that it runs connected, need plugins to import .fbx , and all those kind of intrusive crappy stuff …

Here , 250 mb Blender , install, make assets, make game … end of the story.

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I agree with you on this 100%. I first used blender in an eighth grade STEM class and I instantly wanted to know everything about the program. I was taught the basics of CAD and when I finished all the class projects I started looking deep into the application. That’s when I found the Game Engine. For a few years I was happy with just making objects move around on the screen with a key board, it gave me a sense of accomplishment. With those small accomplishments I began to fall in love with the application. It took a few years before I started really going into it deep, but when I did I learned so much. Within a month I learned the basics of animation, almost all of the logic bricks applications, UV texturing, texture maps, more skilled modeling, and game design philosophy. None of this would have been possible for me if I didn’t have Blender and its game engine.

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exactly, at the end, a blender’s enthusiastic guy will probably make a better game than a noob who had stick in his head he will make GTA8 on Unreal Engine

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BGE Last stand! (Is it really its last stand? :thinking:)

  • Well what do i have to say surrounding this topic :thinking:
    idk honestly BGE will never come to an END!!!

We just need more and NEW KIDS to start learning BGE again to make games as i am!
(Lets make fun Blender Games together guys, the better we make games people will remember how great BGE once was and how it all introduced us in to Game Development)


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