BGE LOGIC DEV: The next step in BGE character functionality, the character wrapper.

That’s right, Moguri has added an actual character wrapper to the BGE which works in a similar way to the vehicle wrapper. (basic features for now, but more can be added)

BGE: This patch adds a character wrapper (similar to the already implemented vehicle wrapper) to control character physics options. Currently supported options are: * jump() – causes the character to jump * onGround – specifies whether or not the character is on the ground * gravity – controls the “gravity” that the character physics uses for the character More options could be added (such as jump speed, step height, make fall speed, max slope, etc).

Like the vehicle wrapper, the main purpose is to streamline and simplify the creation of characters for a game, now one can still opt to create their own logic for character objects, but this can be, at the least, seen as a decent base to expand from.

One should note, this is not the character Physics type. Instead it extends upon this - It gives the user precoded attributes such as onGround, jump() and so forth, which will (can?) use the Character Physics type. Very good news, I find.

ther a lot of things to make for armature character (so i guess this can be a good base of start),
but i not understand much this addiction for now .
as the physics can be setting as any other obj physic, or i missing something?

This character wrapper is actually just a Python interface to Bullet’s btKinematicCharacterController, which is what the character physics type is. This means that in order to use this, you must be using the character physics type. And, one last thing, as has already been mentioned, this is mostly a base that can be built upon for more game specific setups. At least now you don’t have to figure out how to tell if the character is on the ground. :wink:

These are things I find myself always coding, its handy to have, and its a step in making the bge more accessible.