BGE on Windows 10!!!!

Y probá nomás, tengo entendido que W10 se puede instalar en cualquier plataforma como si fuera en una pc. El tema es la pantalla táctil.

I am not looking forward windows 10. This probably means it will be designed for touchscreen gestures and it will be even less work efficient than ever. Windows NT, 2000 and even XP. Those were operating systems. Now everyone is making dumb entertainment machines with dumb users in mind. I am not saying people buying them are dumb. Only it seems like the soft makers have dumb users as a target. Finding and sorting files in windows explorer when you are in a hurry is a chore. Getting a tablet to work without windows “improving” it with dumb features is hard. I am afraid this also means less keyboard shortcuts support? Who knows, I don’t understand why they keep changing it.

It’s been several versions the folders autoscroll to the bottom of the list when you expand them to view their content. HIDING what the user just commanded it to show. Adding the operation of having to manually scroll to see the content. Sometimes dates are hard to see no matter what default I set. And why would anyone rate their files with stars?!? I just wonder wth they’re thinking designing this junk. Have they tried drawing with a tablet with their stupid “ripple animated cursor”?

Translated with Google translate:

And Proba just, I have understood that W10 can be installed on any platform like a pc. The issue is the touch screen.

What issue is there with a touch screen, exactly? Do you mean it isn’t supported or not available? Because it is… Can you clarify, perhaps?

First off, this isn’t a discussion about whether Windows is good or not, it’s about the bge on Windows. However, your statement seems a bit narrow-minded, short-sighted and ignorant to what the actual experience of Windows 10 will be…

When using a tablet, Windows 8.1 is actually quite nice until you get to the desktop which is far too small. On PC, it’s the other way around, but not too bad; you hardly ever use that awful start menu if you actually know your way around the system as an advanced user (I use the “Run” terminal more than the start menu…).
Windows 10 is a jump back towards Windows 7 (arguably their best operating system to date), and making it designed toward all devices. Every form factor device will run the same operating system (though converted to that architecture, of course), but have a different user interface. The desktop version has a small start menu with tiles – a hybrid between the metro/modern UI and the old start menus – whereas the tablets will be more focused towards having a large, vibrant user interface. Also, Windows is implementing some features to optimize productivity like multiple desktops (which Linux has had for ages, but it’s finally coming to Windows).

So yeah, it’s getting better again.

It is based on windows being increasingly awful with each new iteration since 2000 and it being dreck for years before NT. Of course it is “usable”… If you’re practically hacking it. Not looking forward to it. I doubt it’s the real reason android dev is hard.

I’m pretty sure the “Windows 10 on Phones” is just branding. Right now there is Windows 8 and Windows RT (for ARM tablets) and Windows Phone. They’ll probably port Windows RT to phones and get rid of Windows Phone. They’ll just call all of it “Windows 10” in order to make it more confusing.

Windows RT can only run “metro style” applications, which need to use the “Windows Runtime”. The “Windows Runtime” is terrible to develop for (no OpenGL, no standard threads, code signing bullshit …). That’s why there is no Blender on the Windows Store or on Windows RT. I doubt anybody cares to port all of Blender or even the BGE to it, because that would be a huge effort for a closed platform that almost nobody uses.

The “real” Windows 10 is just going to be regular Windows with a (slightly less) crappy UI. It will run on x86 CPUs only. It’s extremely unlikely that someone would make a Phone to run that, but there will be tablets, just like there are x86 tablets running Windows 8.

I don’t see any reason with the advances in x86 power hunger, that they won’t make a x86 line of smartphones.

Android development is easier on Linux, because Android is Linux. It’s a distribution built on ARM

They skipped x86 to x64 – in fact, the iPhone App Store is forcing all app developers to convert their apps to 64-bit or else they won’t be available to purchase or download.

Well, even now that I know it probably won’t, I devoted the past month to learning KIVY and can now package my python programs as .apk’s. OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY == BEST THING EVER.

Hi guys :slight_smile: everyone seems to be only talking about Blender games on the new windows 10 but can I assume that if your just using blender to create animations will it still work in Windows 10 without crashing or doing anything silly. I am half way through a project and dont want to upgrade just to find i cant continue after installing wind 10.

Mnay thanks

Hi guys :slight_smile: everyone seems to be only talking about Blender games on the new windows 10 but can I assume that if your just using blender to create animations will it still work in Windows 10 without crashing or doing anything silly. I am half way through a project and dont want to upgrade just to find i cant continue after installing wind 10.

Many thanks

I think somebody wants to melt a few phones using super buggy scripts. Make sure your phone has liquid cooling installed before you run your BGE game on it.


BGE runs fine on Windows 10 on laptops and desktops. (I know because I’ve been running the developer preview for a while now)
It won’t run at all on your phone.

Windows 10 us just an upgrade on Windows 8, nothing new at all except user interface tweaks. All the graphics drivers from windows 8 work, all the software…

yup win 10 is an extended win 8, nothing new same engine.
windows has all sorts of setups for devices, like home and pro now.

That said blender does run on win 10.
Microsoft is building their own andraid emulator to test games and software on. every developper should wait till microsoft release it.
And then start building and testing things with it.

Who uses Windows on phone? I am using Java phone as I can’t afford any better, but normal people use iOS or Android(Linux) not Windows, they’re much better in my opinion. However, I think Blender should make a chance to develop games for phones. Maybe just implement some iOS and Android libs in BGE and make seperate version of it?

P.S. That all is my opinion and in my opinion: Windows sucks!

not Windows, they’re much better in my opinion

lot’s of companies use windows phones, windows phones being around from the start. They survived it all, and gonna strike back with win 10. Atm android is just a standard on phones, but when win 10 comes out to mobiles i can tell you that android will see his profit going downhill.

personally i always liked windows phone, it act like windows but then on ur phone.
cant wait till win 10, next month.

This is why I hate Windows phone - because it acts like Windows which I hate a lot. Everything in Windows is awful, eslecially the fact that everything is being developed exactly for Windows. I hate that it is virusfull, I hate its UI, I hate that a lot of people use it and feel happy about it, I hate that it is paid, costs ~$100 and requires you to buy additional software for additional money(MS Office and others) and I can continue counting like this whole day, however, I don’t want to pollute the server so I’ll stop. But this is just my opinion;)

I hate that it is virusfull

Only if you get files from dodgy sources. I haven’t had a virus in over 5 years. Maybe stop torrenting games?

Windows is very easy to develop for. I love that you can just include (most) dependencies right in with the program install and them not affect any other programs on the OS.

@TheDave spot on.
I’m going on 4 years without antivirus, more if you count the years of no viruses detected.
It’s all about what you download.

I’m not sold on Windows as a development platform though. Among other things, my slow-ass internet hates downloading 1GB of SDK just to compile a simple C library with no dependencies.

And to be fair, one can still ship dependencies with Linux games, just don’t expect to be in any official repos. Not really a problem in this world of custom installers, zips, and steam.

/Still playing an old 2003 port on my 2015 Linux system - dependencies included - runs great!

You can catch virus here or in social sites too, don’t be so sure. But in 99% situations viruses doesn’t affect Linux users, Mac is also much safer than Windows in this case.

Windows is as save as it can be, However it is not save if you use an pirated version.
Microsoft knows if you have one and the updating engine will not release all updates to you.
including defenition files for windows defender.

Never had a virus or any other mall/spyware, and yes i donload as if it is free (it is actually haha).
Know what you are doing, thats they key.