BGE physics of lekku

I want your help.
I am working on game where PC (main character) is Darth Talon, which is Twi’lek (from Star Wars).
What I want is make her lekku (head tails) move like this:

All I know, that I will must use bone constraint, but no more. She has many bones in her lekku. How can I
(in BGE) achieve a result like in lego Star Wars: Skywallkwer Saga? Thanks!

its basically a ragdoll. the simplest solution would be setting bone constraints to copy the world position of physics objects constrained to the head bone.

in upbge 0.2x (bge 2.7x based) most constraints work in the game. if a more complex solution is required (add object/ multiple instances), then you might need python to retarget contraints, or generate physics hinges/links.

typically games like that lego game or swtor use soft body or cloth-type physics, which is more applicable to “modern” game engines or if you use upbge eevee (0.3.x) since its basically the fully power of blender.

Thank you for your response,
I am still using 2.79. Please, cold you make and send me .blend file where it is on example usible in the situation. I would be very grateful.

im not sure the capabilities of bge 2.79, so ill need some time to experiment. i personally recommend upbge 0.2.0. backup your project files before attempting to change blender versions.

the simplest solution, should work with group linked instance if theres only the one. physics arent perfect, but it shows the method.

made with blender 2.79 nightly (latest 2.7x)
lekku279.blend (618.6 KB)

You are fantastic! Many thanks!