BGE problems. Need help!

So I`m working on my first game and I meet some problems… with my main character and a tree.
My blender version is 2.62.0

  1. When I assign the image texture is not showing the guy anymore… same to the tree is something wrong with the texture or with my blender? (the mesh is in other layer but I realease that when I try to move it and press P again is not showing…)

  2. I can`t see the bump mapping… on the objects…

  3. Can`t see the buffer shadows or any other shadows…

  4. No image reflection… nothing :frowning:

  5. Is not showing the image I assign to the material only the image on the UVs :expressionless:

I have no idea what is wrong…
I need some help. :frowning:

Hi AlinB,

Maybe you can attach the blend so anyone can take a look at it.

Are yo using GLSL in Textured Mode?

I found why is not working… because it says “shaders are not supported” why?
and openGL doesnt work too.. but it was working when blender 2.57 was on, Im sure about that.

Your graphics card doens’t support OpenGL 2.0 GLSL options.
this is likely if you’re using integrated graphics (on the CPU), or a very old card.

my graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 9500
is this not supporting openGL? why?
what should i buy than?
and why was this working 1 year ago? (or anyway… last time when i used openGL or GLSL)
I didn`t changed anything to my computer except windows (xp to 7)

Perhaps a change in drivers when you upgraded to windows 7? Have you got the latest drivers for your graphics card?

Yep sounds like you haven’t installed the drivers for your card. Even though it’s an old card it supports OpenGL 2.1 so GLSL should work ok in the bge.

Head to nvidia and download drivers for your card if you haven’t already.

Ok thanks you guys!
I`ll try to do it.

Agoose77 is correct, the computer I’m typing this with has the same problem, OpenGL is not supported, I will show up fine on someone else’s computer yes. But for you (Sorry to say this) you need to get a new computer or a graphics/video card. (AND XP2000 DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!! IT HAS A FILE MISSING ERROR THOUGH!) And here’s a money saving tip: Find what you want in your new computer, then buy a computer that has that or go and custom make it (Or could just be WAY cheaper to just upgrade it now)

I found this out AFTER I transferred 300MB of Data…

No, I think klauser is right, Im searching for the right driver right now..(its free? to update?)

My computer says “shaders not supported” and works fine. But then I’m working in multi-texture, not GLSL

Now is working :slight_smile: bumb map normal map all shaders :slight_smile:
thanks you guys a lot.