BGE - Python Expert Coder Needed


I am a programmer that is new to blender and its game engine.

But I could use some advanced help in developing a tool/script/plugin that properly creates 2D sprites from 3D models. I have seen the current scripts/plugins but I need something more advanced. An Old one uses PIL and the new one uses ImagemagiX. I would like to use PIL but I couldn’t get the older script to work.

I basically want to render animations from 8 different views (front, back, left, right, 45 deg angles also). And send to a single sprite sheet. I also want to swap parts on characters using mount points via code also like heads, hair, torso, arms, legs, hands, feet, hair, hats, armor, swords…etc. Then export the frames to PNG format with alpha transparency.

A few hours on skype is probably all I need but we’ll see.

Please let me know your rate, I can pay through Paypal


Do you want to render the different views within BGE? Not sure about that, but if rendered with Blender Internal, that should be pretty simple.

So far I have gotten the different views to work in BGE and I use the screen capture function to snapshot out the image. But the transparency RGBA doesn’t always work on every computer it seems. But I can run it on my computer that works. Must be internal to the driver or systems settings or something, just cant figure it out.

So my next steps are to build a stitching script I can run after the fact. Which I figured out how to do.

But now I need to figure out how to control animation poses next.
So I can snapshot those poses to sprites and how to dynamically swap body parts (Hide/Show objects)

Do you know those areas?

i guess the poses are meshes controlled by keyframed (animated) armature bones? Well, I dunno BGE much, but you probably need an action actuator and set the frame to get the pose at that frame:

Thanks, I will give that API a shot!

If you look in the forums, someone just posted a SpriteSheet generator for this. As well, Solarlune / Goran in the BGE section have created sprite systems you can use.