BGE Python Problem:UV coordinates and updating 3D view?

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to get into python and the Blender Game Engine because I want to build a prototype for a strategy game. Today I spent countless hours searching for a method to change UV coordinates of single faces in a mesh to those of other single faces in other meshes.

I have come this far:

mesh =[‘Cube’]
target =[‘Cube.001’]
mesh.faces[0].uv = target.faces[0].uv

It basically does what I want, but the view doesn’t get updated. So I only see the change when I quit the running game. What do I have to do to change UV coordinates on the fly and immediatly see the result? I searched the forum ealier this day and found a similar question, but no solution. If you find more then me I’d be thankful if you point me to a thread that could help me.
Also I was wondering if its “bad practice” to use the bpy. methods in a game enginge script because it directly accesses blender data and not game data and the bpy branch of the code is marked as subject to change in the API refference.
I’m not a coder, so this all is a little confusing for me. It seemed that the BGE does not offer possibilities to edit UV coordinates, is that correct or did I simply miss something?
Best regards and thanks in advance!

I got a hint that the BGE doesn’t like it when you use scripts from the “normal” blender part and a friend suggested to try this out:
I’ll report if that solves my problem, but for that to work I’ll have to figure some more of the vertex index stuff out first.