Bge Python Speed Variation With applyMovement([])

Looking For Solution For This Can’t Find Anywhere Before… Post To Share Supposed Anyone Loooking For The Same… If Anyone Have Better Idea Plz Tell Me Or Am I Doing It Wrong Or Is It A Bad Practices :smile:

hello and welcome ,

Why do you want to variate speed animation in the first place ? Usually, you just fit your motion speed to the animation (run fast --> move fast)

Also, i dont know if you noticed, but you can use the

marks for you code

  1. For Realistic Camera Effects…
  2. Lessing The Uncanny Valley (Foot Slip)
  3. My Walk Cycle Has Inconsistent Forward Speed
  4. I’ve Tried Add Forward Motion To Walk Cycle But The Origin Point Does Not Move With The Characters… It’s Like A Morph… Result In Bad Character Rotation
  5. I Don’t Have To Create More Animations Just To Solve The Rotation Origin Point
  6. I Don’t Have To Create A Box Add More Code And Animation To It… For The Motion… And Collision To Which Collision Effects Is Very Important Consideraring Having A Melee Combat…
  7. :slight_smile: Well I Don’t Know But It Worked… Accidentally :joy:

your project looks nice. Fps ? Parkour game ? Fighting ?

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Kinda Like Post Apocalyptic Melee Combat Fighting Game And Ranged Weapon… Trying To Separate System Between First Person Shooter And 3rd Person… I Think Person Shooter More Suitable Using WASD… Point And Click… Make Sense… But… If Can Create A System That Weilding A Sword Via Mouse Movement… Not By Point And Click… That Is Something… Maybe There’s A Way :wink:

Nice, i use also my mouse in my fighting game. I’m working on a template so people can start any game like TombRaider. Including FPS is easy, just change camera view

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I would use a ray to find the moment the foot hits the ground

have the ik target for the player animation use copy location constraint on a bone you animate to make you walk cycles etc, but you can turn if off using armature.contstraints[‘ConstrataintName’]
so when the foot contacts ground -> place IK target bone / turn off location constraint,

use rotation of IK bone to point ankle

it’s tricky stuff but totally possible

the moment the foot should leave the ground -> taper on the copy location constraint again / copy rotation constraint

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I’ve Turned On The Sticky Floor Constraint… Works Even Better While Walking… But When Running… Its Disrupts The Foot Mesh… :joy: …If Used For Animation Only…Or NPC… That Be Good … Ive Noticed That By Twisting The Back Leg At The End Of One Foot During Animation It’s Like Faking A Drag… So I’ve Update All Walk Cycle Having It…:sweat_smile: Thx Ya’ll For The Ideas… Really Appreciates It… Is There’s Anymore Feel Free To Share :wink: Happy Weekend :smiley: