BGE realistic helicopter simulator game (Update version)

Hi , everyone ! :eyebrowlift:
I’m new to blender game engine. Lets me share my new game!

I’m still learning on making simulation game in BGE cause its support “Bullet Physic Engine”
So , i’d developed a game called “Helicopter simulation”, This version is my start point , so its have a lot of bugs :smiley:
You can control only 1 helicopter in this version


-W and S to control helicopter’s power
-E to toggle engine
-ArrowKeys to control helicopter
-Mouse to control camera movement
-Esc to quit


-Optimizing physics
-Realistic world
-Lighting system
-A little reflection effect on helicopter
-A realistic control

Download link basic helicopter sim.rar

Here !!
Some preview from game

Any problem ? just comment ! :cool:
Sorry for bad english , cause Im myanmar :slight_smile:

nice job so far, it looks really good and plays well on my 2.3ghz dualcore. you have chosen a really hard job. a helicoptersim is one of the most difficult things to program when it comes to physics. normaly you cannot do this without a real 6dof concept. and it is near to impossible to steer a helicopter with digital equipment like a keyboard, because you need the slightest corrections to keep the thing airborne. but for the first step i can say, what you have build is very impressive.
for the future i think it is better to parent the camera behind the heli, because you need bot hands to fly. and a last thing to mention: when a helicopter lowers his nose, it dives if you dont change the angle of the rotorblades to get more upforce.

Thanks for sharing this.
I look forward to trying it out. As S-Markt has said, you have chosen a challenging task. Good luck with it, and I look forward to seeing what you have developed, and where you go with it.

Looks good so far.But i thought you meant you could get in fly it in firstperson.When you said simulation.

First , thank for download and playing this game .xD
You will get a lot of bugs in this game .I will fix it soon.
Like S-Markt said , i have fixed many bugs and u right !
need two hands for fly , so I added flight camera to heli and also fiexd heli movement in new version .
And as the game title , I also added real working
cockpit to heli. In this cockpit , u will see Altitude and speed of heli. I will upload new version soon !

BGE realistic helicopter simulator game (Update version)

Lets me share my new version of open source game called ( BGE realistic helicopter simulator game )
I made it for everyone and want to share it because I never seen about BGE finished game:(.
You can use this in your are projet. And script are easy to understand. Easy to understand some about shortcut for making game easy in BGE.

In this version , fixed a lot of bugs .Now it more realistic.You can switch to cockpit or flight or free look view .
Engine system more stable. In cockpit ,you can see alt and speed meter.This version also have a litte bug.
Like my friend , making Heli sim in BGE is very difficult cause there are no tutorial about it.And I think BGE physic system is a little stranger than other game engine.:smiley:

Well , here some control of my game

-E to start or shutdown engine
-W and S to up and down
-ArrowKeys to control heli
-A and D to slide heli
-Mouse to look
-1,2,3 for switch view


-LOD realistic world
-New heli
-New carrier
-New tree
-Realistic smoke on heli
-More heli sound
-Cockpit view
-light Filter
-simple ocean
-and much more

Download link basic helicopter sim v

**In cockpit view , use Spacebar and Mouse to freelook
ESC to quit

Here , some photo from my new version

In next version , I will add plane for fly around.
Sorry for bad english cause Im myanmar.:slight_smile:
Any problem ? .just comment !!!

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Looks very good.
Where are the arms in firstperson view?I noticed when i cut the helicopter engine.And the helicopter sinks into the water. The helicopter starts flying sideways.Can you land on the carrier?