BGE reference point issue

I’m having a problem, the point of rotation has changed to my spawn point. I think it’s because of something I pressed. I need this changed because I won’t be able to use it properly in a game. Please could you explain this to me? Thanks. (if the picture doesn’t show go here: Link)

This is version 2.62.

Your Gizmo (the point of rotation) is set to the 3D cursor position. To fix this, press the Pivot Center button, which is next to the draw type button (shows a picture of a sphere. It can be wireframe, textured, solid, etc.) in the 3D view. It should look like a cross-hair.

Thank you! I’m relieved it’s a simple fix. I’m a little embarrassed but at least I know about this now. Thank you for replying so fast!

No reason to be embarrassed - we’re all learning how to use Blender and the BGE, so we all need help sometimes. :slight_smile: