BGE Weekday Challenge #0003 (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Welcome to the third Blender Game Engine Weekday Challenge!

The goal is to create small simple and fun games using Blender’s Game Engine.

The Rules:

  • The game must be a .blend so everyone can play it.
  • State which Blender version you used (you may use any.)
  • You may use previous resource (scripts, models, ect.) that were made by you.
  • You may use textures as long as you’re not violating someone’s copyright.
  • You may ask for help on the forums if you are stuck somewhere in development.
  • Please add a screen-shot with your final submission. (not mandatory)

Please consider releasing your entry under an open source license such as Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported Licenc, otherwise each participant’s entry may not be redistributed or modified without their permission.

EXTENDED again!!!
Deadline: Wednesday, Feb 9, 2010 at 1:00AM GMT+11
(Tuesday, Feb 8, 14:00 (2:00 P.M.) GMT)

Lookup GMT time here.

A voting thread will appear after the challenge,

Theme: " Buried Treasure "
Use your imagination to make the game of your choice based around this theme.

Tip: Focus on game-play, I recommend using simple primitive objects and have a working prototype before making graphics.

placeholder, a good theme this time

Just wondering if I can participate in this one, if so, placeholder.

a good theme this time
Thank mcguinnessdr for the theme : )

Just wondering if I can participate in this one
The more the merrier : D

Is anyone still working on an entry?

I’m not going to host any more challenges until after March 1st, or until things get less busy.
But someone else can host some if they would like to.

I didn’t have time to work on one this time, just too busy.

i only just got a plan for this worked out las night. so if this one is extended i may be able to get somthing done over the next few days? though i kinda thought the theam was Digging for treasure o0 so ive been thinking how best to make digging work.
might wanna make thease challanges like month long?

Hay that’s cool Vortagen! I’ll keep it open another week, maybe Independentsoul is still working on his entry. :eyebrowlift2:
College just started again, and I need to work on my entry for this contest.

Otherwise I would make something myself…

So good luck!

it´s a very good theme phil but I have no time in the moment.
I thought I can do it maybe next time :).

Sry philB, but my time got eaten up with rendering so my entry died :C.

it wasnt any thing special, just an island with a player,boxes set into heles in the ground mesh when player nere push action button to make box play shape ani turns in to a hole. if player follows map corectly the hole a end of path will conatin treasure next level…

b4 i started rendering for another challenge got up to messing with serveos( why dose it always stop on slopes? why dose it always pause every 8 sec when moving? ) think idd have gotten past them isues by now?

Aw, that to bad:( but I understand a lots going on right now.

sorry, I don’t know the answer to your servo problems…

I’m not going to host any more challenges until after March 1st, or until things get less busy.
But someone else can host some if they would like to.

Is it too late to enter?
I thought the deadline was , the 5th. I have something I could post though.

I’m sorry I closed it a little too early I guess, but I thought no one was going to enter.

Your game looks really cool, you can post it if you want. I’ll reopen the challenge.