BGMC 11 | Petal Plucker

Hey! I’m new to BA and the Blender Game Challenge sounds awesome, so I’ll toss my entry into the lot. I won’t have much time to work on it so we’ll see how far I get, but I’m choosing a simple game.

Petal Plucker will be just that: Pluck the petals from the flowers. You play versus the computer and try to be the one to pluck the last petal. The player and the computer will take turns picking petals, and you only have a certain amount of plucks at a time, so use strategy! I’ll hopefully add in some interesting variations to spice up the gameplay too.

Here’s my procedural flower I just made with random color and number of petals:

The gameplay is basically done, and I’ve added the basic skeleton of a GUI and a scoring system. The AI is pretty dumb right now, so I need to work on that too.

More updates to come!

UPDATE: SO the game is done. Tomorrow’s goal will be to play test into the ground and tweak variables as needed to balance the game and make it more manageable.


Nice flower! How long did it take you? Hope your game goes well(mine isn’t)!

The model and texture’s were pretty straight forward… making the petals not overlap when generated took some tinkering though :wink:

End results from Tuesday:

Finished Gameplay
Almost done with GUI
Made AI smarter
Fixed a lot of bugs

Still to do:

Difficulty (maybe)
Maybe add a countdown timer to speed up gameplay
Bunch of other stuff… hopefully

End results from Wednesday:

Added a countdown timer that forces you to play faster and faster the higher level you’re on
Added background music and some sound effects
Found a few cheats/glitches and fixed them
Updated the scoring system

Still to do:

More sounds
AI needs more work
High score/game over screen
Instructions screen


Here’s the instructions and screen layout so you can see what’s going on.

Really really Nice game. Its sad that nobody replys to it. The Instruction screen is well done. Keep working on it and goodluck!MrLady

Looking realy clean , well done, how do you get coustum fonts working in game? u use the ols texture atlis sheet thing , or is there away using the dynamic text in game? lol never mind, just tried dynamic text and it worked, some hot i thought it didint the last time i tried.

Hello :slight_smile:
The problem you encountered reminds me of one of Vihart’s great video about Mathematics and Nature:


Bonito tema enhorabuena

The game look clean and polished, good luck.

Thanks guys! Good luck to you all for the judging


Haha, yeah… it wasn’t meant to have the most riveting gameplay, just a simple concept that I could polish up in a short time.

That flower looks fantastic. Incredibly realistic, I wonder how you managed to get such great looking petals?

Thanks! It’s just standard texturing, with a few tricks thrown in too :wink:

I see this as a awesome tablet or phone game also.