BGMC 11 - Spring

Hey guys, after many days work i’ve finally reached the end of my available time to build this game. Luckily i managed to add many different features and fix up most of the bugs as well as menu’s.
I really hope you guys enjoy my 5 days ish of work, i sure had fun making it.
Good Luck to the other contestants!

Scripts used: 3rdPersonCamera script by Mobius

Textures: Gimp + CG textures.

Game engine: Blender game engine (obviously :p)

Game Download link:

.blend Download link:

The Game tends to be glitchy at times with mousemovement, which restarting the game can sometimes fix. Otherwise i suggest the .blend.

Fun small game, though its really missing the owl :confused:
The butterfly, like in the screenshot, looks awesome ^^
The ice melts kinda strange though.

beautiful game.

Nice game the butterfly looks awesome.
Only the controls are a but unhandy.
Using the mouse to set the direction of the butterfly instead of look around would have been better I think

I had a mouselook script moving the character at first but after i added Mobius’ 3rd person Camera, it took away the mouse-looking ability, although it did remove a lot of bugs caused by the previous slow parenting. If i had a couple extra days i might have been able to work on bugs like these a little more but i’ll just have to wait till next time.
Glad you liked it though :smiley:


I tested your game and recorded a short video:

The game is uploaded to our host and you can download it here:
We will use the same link on our website and in the Youtube video so you can track your stats here: