BGMC 11 | The boy who cried wolf

HI everyone
although i cant win the contest I still wanna take the challenge.
And iv had the idea of a game based abound the boy who cried wolf story for a while. will play top down like Zelda and zoom in on bushes shaking, where the player has to decide weather to call for help or not , if they call and its a wolf they get credibility of its a chicken or a squirrel or something they get minus cred and help might not come as fast or at tall the next time .

Its a survival game , kinda like “don’t starve”, but nowhere near as complex.
So i kinda got it finished , not exactaly what i wanted it to be like but it kinda works.
Heres the downlaod :

w,a,s,d to move
space to call your dad for help

If you call when a turkey is encounterd, you will lose credability with your dad. If you call wrongly 3 times u will lose.
If u dont call when a wolf is encounterd you will lose.

Collect 5 turkeys to win.

Here’s what iv got so far, its just testing 8 directional movement and collisions using the character setting.

hope this pans out like i think it will and that i get it done in time.

Hey, you posted this in the wrong thread, should be WIP


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thakns for moving this thread, i posted realy late at night.

Not go much fourther , made a placeholder character and animations, and testing out a knitted wool art style. Sadly as you can see by the framerate my laptop cant handle any type of realtime shadows, but i might play with limiting the framerate to match a stop motion if it was made in wool , or just going for 24fps to make it look like film or 25 to make it like tv , I’l see how it goes.

And that green grass looks too blue on my second monitor :frowning:

A couple hours later:

I think this style could work , i added a 2d blur to soften the edges, might look into bloom 2moz, and i limited the fps to 25, it slows the movement , and makes the jumpy 8 directional movement fit better as it matches the jumpy frames more.

Nice concept, gonna be interesting to see what you do with this.

Grass looks nice and green on my screen. I wouldn’t worry about the shadows either, they won’t show that much on the grass anyway.

That fabric textures remind me of “Little big adventure”, lovely. Looking forward for more screens :slight_smile:

I was just gonna say that, it looks really beautiful!

heres wolfy

That is a killer style you have man. can’t wait to see more

Love the knitted wool style, very creative and original! (at least I haven’t seen it anywhere else :smiley: )

How do you achieve that simple shading?

Great style.
In one of your screenshots the profiler shows that Physics are eating 58% of your framerate so you should maybe check that.

Cool game! I love Zelda style games. Will there be a hint as to whether its a wolf or not?

Heh, nice woolly style XD
You’re really good with none realistice stuff.

Ye im thinking like a pokemon style thing where u see the sillowete in the grass and bushes shake , and u have a cretin amount of time to gess weather it is a wolf or not.

Thank s, ye , its just so much quicker and more interesting than trying for realism.

:S , i hope this is because i had a cube with ai in this version ,iv removed that and there shouldnt be any traking. Pluss my laptops not the best.

nice progres here… love your style

here’s a turkey

That is one cute turkey