Bgmc 13 | TANKS

Hey everyone!
I’m entering this competition with a small tank game.
TANKS is a small survival game, where you must defend a base from attacking waves of tanks.

The idea is to have a campaign mode ,as well as upgrades to the tank to get more shield or speed, and fire power.
I’m thinking on adding mines and defense towers. Let’s see how’s the week going to be!

Small Vid uploading…

If it play similar to my favorite childhood game
I will love it !

Ah man, that game was epic!!
Thanks for bringing it up, totally forgot about it. (until now)

This theme is making me want to hook up my NES…

I don’t have a NES but I think there is an emulator.

Bad luck guys, came down with the flu the whole week, and when I finally wanted to work on it, had a blackout. Will finish it anyways!
Edit: As soon as I recover!

Yes, it’s the same idea as that old, pre-SNES game.