BGMC 14 Winner(s)!

Hello everyone!

Now that the BGMC has come to end, it’s time to crown the winner!
That person will win a Steam Gift Card, the Plant Kingdom Asset Package generously donated by Thatimster,
and will go on to host the next Blender Game Making Challenge! (15)

Here are the results:

1st- Jetpack Platformer - Smoking_Mirror ------- 82 points
1st- Kart Racer - Thatimster ----------------------- 82 points

2nd - Space Dumpster - MrPutuLips ------------ 80 points
3rd - Whale Race - pqftgs ------------------------ 78 points
4th - Metroid 64 - BluePrintRandom ----------- 74 points
5th - Inuit Man - fredstash ----------------------- 70 points

Yup! Looks as though there’s been a tie…
There’s no BGMC rulebook to refer to, so I’m not quite sure what’s supposed to happen in the even of a tie…
What now? Any experts on the topic with any suggestions? Fight to the death?

Ignoring that for a sec, just want to say it’s been a real honor getting the chance to host the competition.
I enjoyed every minute of it! Even tough I sorta screwed up with the voting system :[

Maybe you should split the prize in steam($10 for each) and give the other prize to both of them?

I don’t think winning my own prize would be very fulfilling.

Maybe there is another category to compare the games on? Otherwise I would be happy to give the win to Smoking_mirror, as his game seems more complete and a bit more polished.

… to pick the next theme

-Think of a number between 1 and 10
-Cage match. First to exit, no disqualifications
-Pick your favorite
-Tiebreaker vote

That’s true, the 10$ each sounds good though.
As does giving Smoking_Mirror the package, no doubt Thatimster already has a copy.

yay, that sounds fair… democracy is good.


congratulations !

Congrats smoking_mirror and Thatimster

Congratulations! and who will organize the next BGMC? Smoking_mirror or Thatimster?

Thanks, but we can only have one theme/host, do we start a poll or do we bombard Randompickle with votes again? :confused:

I did not vote yet… :smiley:

OK, made a poll.
Both will get the gift card, and Smoking_Mirror wins the copy of the plant package!

Whoever gets the most votes in the poll will win the contest, and get the opportunity to host the next BGMC

EDIT: Quick hypothetical, if the poll ends in a tie… pistols at 10 paces?

Dead last, 5th (I think) time in a row, I hope nobody takes my spot (don’t worry I am not angry at all in fact I am currently laughing). Good luck to the tied players, and I really enjoyed playing all of the games, an I hope that everybody also enjoyed all the games, either by making them or playing them.

Thanks everyone. I dont usually enter competitions for the prizes, but just for the fun of competing.

Don’t worry fredstash, though you didn’t win there wasnt a big difference between the top and bottom scores. I think everyone enjoyed playing the games and gave good scores acordingly.

Despite what the score says, your game was pretty great!

The scores are still all really high, meaning people must have enjoyed it! That’s all that really matters

I think that your current skill vs finished project is most important,

I learned a lot,

The score is, how fun, how it looked, how it looked compared to the theme,

I think 4th should be, how hard was it to code and did they pull it off.

Right now the thing is tilted to artists winning, not coders.

Sure, but players usually don’t see the code only the results of that code. I’ve seen games made purely with logic bricks which were much more fun than games with hundreds of lines of code. Anyway, we’re all developers here so I’m sure we all took a look at the games in blender and that would have influenced our vote a little.

I was a little worried about the possibility of people using tactical voting, for example giving very low scores to boost their own chance of winning, but in the end that didnt happen so no worries ^^

Anyway, next time it might be good to get people to allocate votes from a pool to keep things fair.

I mainly do this for the feedback I receive, and I cannot wait for the next one.

I voted you for first, becasue I thought you should win, but lets just say some of the games… required less effort.

Haha you should ask the creator of flappy bird about that. sometimes a good idea with basic execution can prove hugely popular.