BGMC 16 | Rainbow


First of all I would like to thank Battery for a great theme-choice. I love the earlier Splinter Cell-games and the way you just don’t want to get caught.

When I did this games it was important to me that it was a non-violence game, just because I’m getting a bit feed up of those. Instead the challanges would come from puzzle solving and keep off-guard by diffrent methods, for instance pretend to be a statue.

It’s almost finshed, but if I find the time I’ll tweak the sound a bit and fix at least one bug.

Hope you enjoy Rainbow! And feel free to comment! :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, here’s a video a and screenshot:

And here’s the .blend-file (zipped)
Rainbow BGMC 16 - Dennis Rydberg v. (5.52 MB)

Ok, I didn’t make it past the first guard so I don’t know the rest but this is amazing. The character is so cute, I love when it tries to mimic a statue. Absolutely lovable. Great background music, great animations & art style. Tested on 2.74, linux.

Wow looks awesome! Sad that you didn’t have a wip post. Will check the game out soon.

Thanks! I love doing animation, especially cartoon style.

The first guard shouldn’t be that hard to pass by, just walk in front of the statues when he’s closer to the wall. There’s a pretty frekvent of checkpoints earlier on in the game. The first one is in fact after you passed the first guard. I’m you’ll pass him. :slight_smile:

I will tell more about how I did it soon. There’s a lot of things there that were very tricky to solve, amoung thouse where a pool dive in which he get’s rid of all paint (or what about mixing colors), a balance system and a checkpointsystem that didn’t use any scripting what so ever. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

And for anyone who would like to do a Let’s Play, feel free. It’s fun. Or it should be! :slight_smile:

Hi @deeempa89, I haven’t seen you around on the forums before.
First of all, I have to agree that it looks beautiful. The visual concepts are amazing.
The game was very difficult though, unless there’s some trick that I couldn’t get, it might be impossible…

It’s important to get people to play test your games, because if it’s too easy, it’s just not fun, and if it’s too difficult, all your hard work will be lost because no one can get to the end. By hacking the player’s movement speed I was able to play through… but I’d recommend making the game a little easier, before battery puts it in the Games Pack for BGMC 16, or most people won’t get past the first guard and they won’t get to experience all the great stuff you’ve put in to the game…

I would say that the main problem is that the guards move too fast (or the player moves too slowly). Also the being-a-statue thing doesn’t always work, and it’s hard to know why. The camera angle is a bit restrictive so I don’t know when the guard is coming sometimes.

I thought the game was well made and the checkpoint system worked really well. Good job on that one. There was an issue where the balance meter didn’t get removed when I died, but overall, I thought the balance idea was really well executed. The animations were great.

There might also be some people who don’t use WASD, for example if they have a European non-querty keyboard, so you might want to include extra keyboard controls next time.

Anyway, good luck with the competition!

Hi Smoking! Thanks for playing it and your feedback. It’s true I’m not the most active Blenderartistsuser around, but I’ll check out the forums alot for tips and tricks. I’ve had some pepole try out the game, just in real life instead of the on the forum to get some faster respons. The game is fully possible to get through, every part of it is tested out one and by one and the level as a whole.

It’s tricky when you do a game where one of the main elements is timing, I thought the challange was lost when you you walked faster. It’s suppose to be a pretty hard game, and after playing it through a couple of times it get pretty easy. I’ll see if im able to change some things before deadline.

One question: You said that the statue thing didn’t work. Did you stand on a platform between two statues? (You can’t just do it anywhere)

It was a great game, but I only got past the first 3 guards, I did not realize you were supposed to get onto the platform.

Thanks! I’ll try to make the in-game tutorial more clear. So long I’ll add a playthrough of the first 10 minutes (of about 30 minutes) of the game in the top post. Hope it makes things clearer. :slight_smile:

Oh by the way, later on in the game, when you’ll get to some red statues you’ll have to find a way to blend in amoung thouse…

I loved this game, it is tricky though. I got to the part where the sign said you could turn into a statue, and that’s as far as I got. LOL.
I’ll keep trying.
Very cool game. :slight_smile:

The very first time I played it I had to use Task Manager to quit. Didn’t realize that spacebar starts and quits. LOL

Thanks for all your feedback! I’ve uploaded a new version with some changes:
-You’re now able to play with either WASD or by using the arrow-keys.
-A tutorial in the beginning of the game that explains the basics.
-Your character is walking a little faster.

There’s still one bug in which occurs when you go into balance-mode immediately after falling. I’ll try to fix it, otherwise everything should be in it’s place.

It makes it easier seeing the video thanks. :slight_smile:
The problem was that I didn’t know if the guards have a line of sight or a cone of vision. And if they have a range at which they can detect you… some sneaking games have some kind of danger meter to show when you are going to be ddetected. Without one it takes a lot of trial and error to win. I’ll tryagain tomorrow and see if I can win without cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun and cute! The character walk cycle fits the soundtrack very nicely, and makes sneaking not so boring!

I was able to get up to the second statue-posing bit (just after turning red). It seems the timing of it is very tricky – you almost have to strike your pose just before the guard begins walking on-screen. At least, that’s how I was able hide from the first guard. Maybe turning red is a red herring, and there’s another trick to it?

Thanks! Hope you’ll get to the end soon, if not you’ll miss a small BONUS-level (With a way cooler looks to it). I know’s the red statues are a bit tought to get by, but I wanted the game to be about timing so your right started walking just as you see him go off-screen and go into statue mode before he cames back. Every guard moves in a pattern, so I thought figure out that would be a part of the game (even though right now, their aren’t any advance patterns), just get the feel of the timing. It’s a bit about planning. Truly I think those first red statues are the hardest part the game. 4:30 into the video you’ll see me passing the guards.

The way it was design with a lot of checkpoints for mest elements was because I wanted it to not be a game were you get to the goal without any effort. Like in cause you get caught at the guard who’s watching the red statues, you’ll start almost right there.

After watching the video: I had not realized you could affect your balance while posing. Now things make a little more sense, and the game becomes a bit easier. A neat idea, that mechanic is :slight_smile:

One thing that isn’t mention in the game at the moment is that you not only can get in balance-mode by pressing space, but also get out of it by pressing space again.

The concept and idea behind this entry’s great, and the statue pose mechanic really helped sell it. It took me a bit to figure out how the guards see things and to keep an eye out for the plinths to pose on, and I’d ditto the concern that it moved a bit slowly in the first version. The surreal feel is amazing though, and the animation is super, well done!

Thank you, Lushmoss! It’s always nice when the animation get’s appriciated. I been thinking the concern that everybody things he’s walking too slow, which can be pretty boring when your between the stations. What I’ll think I’ll do is give the abily to choose between sneaking and run/walking, were you can’t run close to the guard because the’ll hear you. This way it would hopefully feels more variated, also this could means that I would add places were you’re forces to run, for example if you’ll standing as a statue, the guard passes you and there’s no more platforms to stand on and you go to get pretty far away.

Of curiosity I wonder how far you got into Rainbow? Did anybody got to the Bonus Level or the part were you’re suppose to mix colors? It’s understandable if you’ve turn off between the “stations”, I can feed how that was a bit of a drag.


This was some sort of spoof on Splinter Cell taken to the extreme were they got the green light and never seems to get seen.


…and this was actually the base idea of the Rainbow. A game were you had to mix colors to figure out how to get by the next enemy.