BGMC 16 | Yak'n'Death

Here’s our entry for this competition - a simple first person game. It’s about sneaking out of a party!
MAKE SURE TO TURN ON YOUR AUDIO!!! You don’t want to miss this - and it’s about 99% of the data you’re downloading ; )


  • Arrow keys to move, mouse to look around. Left click to pick up / use things, right click to go through your inventory.

Had a lot of fun doing this - hope you like it,

The game sound really cool! Downloading it now :slight_smile:

Hilarious! :smiley:

I played the game but the ending poster didn’t show up so I didn’t know what to do next after making the guy fall in the punch.
Good use of sound and nice characters, but a little short on gameplay.

Ditto Smoking Mirror on the poster failing to show up, and I wish it was a little longer too since the idea is very novel.

As others have said, the game was incredibly short - though the “EH, EH, EUUUGGGHH” and “DO YOU LIKE BEEEEER”? more than make up for it. Couldn’t help but laugh at that.

@Win Screen:
Hadn’t happened to me first time playing, went back to play it while writing this reply and it didn’t appear… strange.