BGMC 17 | Fireman *FINISHED!!!*

This is the game Mattheo and I are working on.
The idea is simple:
A house is burning down and you want to save all people which are trapped in the building.
All you have is a small bucket, which you will use to make your way through the fire.
There will hopefully be several floors meaning several levels. Victims will be spawned at random places so you get another experience each playthrough.


Day 1:
-Basic Level
-Basic Gameplay

Day 2+3:
-Level1 almost done
-Level2 started
-Menu Done

Day 4 (so far):
-Victim improvements
-fire spreads randomly from existing fires
-heat death
-graphic settings
-more assets
-lots of fixes and improvements

We would love to get your feedback :smiley:

I like both the idea and the style. If anything, which you may already have thought about, it would be a challenge if you’re able to drop the water before you reach the fire, this could be either if you walk too fast or some sort of balancing system or something else.

It looks great,keep up!

great idea, how about randomly placed obstructions too? like a filing cabinet fell down, or a hole opened in the floor, so knowledge of the levels isn’t fixed, you need to think of alternative routes.

It might be fun to have an intro section where you walk around without any fire first so you can learn the layout, just like in a real emergency setting… Maybe you are a delivery guy and have to deliver a package to the top floor, but when you get there, the fire breaks out.

great idiea. how about letting the fireman get wet by spoiling some water over his head and an indicator that shows how wet he is and if he is all dry he will get burned.

Day 2+3:
-Level1 almost done
-Level2 started
-Menu WIP


Finally I see there are updates. When will you make a video so that we can see gameplay in action?

We´re gonna have to finish tomorrow, because we both leave on thursday for vacation. That´s when the game is hopefully finished and a video will be uploaded with the download.

Awesome, looks great so far can’t wait to play!

super flame escape plan
part 1

Embers and antics


1 bucket hero


Tinder town


Learn or burn?

@bpr: could you, could you explain???

Oooh these are title ideas! Thanks.

Today is our last day so we are working hard on finishing this game.
Fire can spread randomly from existing fires, basic tutorial is done and we are focusing on the hud right now.

Red bar: Health
Blue bar: Water in bucket
Orange bar: Overheating of player (full -> Death)
Arrows: Position of victims in the building.
Color of arrows: Time until victim dies. Will change from victim to victim to add depth to the gameplay.

We are also working on a money system to allow you to buy upgrades and implementing tons of sounds.
It´s gonna be a long day…

Actually Toady is our last day and we are close to finishing. Shop implementation is almost done. Settings will now be saved, as well as money.

Definitely, I enjoyed the game’s color palette.:yes:
The direction of game design is creative and objective, something rare in start projects.:wink:

Balancing will take very long, I hope we will have the time to give you all a nicely balanced game :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks like a strong contender! I look forward to playing.

One suggestion: Some thick grey mist in the scene to represent ambient smoke? It looks like your view distance is pretty limited anyway just by the top-down nature of the view. A little misty air would add a lot to the atmosphere, I would think.

Thanks! Generally mist would be a good idea, but the top down view makes it hard to implement. I tried it out, but decided that it looks worse with the mist.

Here´s the long awaited gameplay video.
We are so close from publishing, will only take 1 more hour.

really funny, the voice^^
nice game!!

It is done!!! Check out the game now in the finished games section!