[BGMC 17] Firemann v0.2

Fireman is a game where you, the hero, fight yourself through a burning house with only a small bucket to help you save all the victims in said house. Saving them will get you money to unlock better equipment and new levels.

This game was created in 5 Days during the BGMC 17 by otto001 and Blenderrendersky.

As a little celebration for winning the BGMC we updated the game, changing some of the problems from the previous version according to your feedback.
-Controls were changed to directional movement
-Fire can be not walked through(no burning to death)
-Fire escape Plan as Map for the level showing important spots
-Victims die instead of despawning
-Only 1 interaction key (E)
-Bug fixes

Hope you enjoy these updates please give this game another try :smiley:

FIREMAN UPDATEBlend File (Blender 2.75 only)



We would love to see your playthroughs of the game, so we can balance it even further.
Don´t be too shy to upload a video of you playing it.

Oooooo. BGMC has put out some of the best blender games.

Thumbs up on presentation/graphics/sound!

The controls however, feel pretty broken. I hope you guys have a little time to do some work on the controls and movement before the end of the week. It looks like it has a lot of potential!

What exactly feels broken? Can you describe a little further?

Wow it was a bit hard at first. but then i learned how to play and then it became fun. I have everything in the shop whats the point of saving people now

Fun game, but the controls are quite difficult.

P.S. I just burnt my finger! When tasting the recently boiled jam!:frowning:

@John Hamilton:
Nice to hear that! Yeah there’s no real point then, other than trying to save all of them in both levels.

So what is it about the controls that is difficult? The movement? It’s simple keys, so I don’t really know.

And i don’t really understand what your ps is referring to :D, do you mean the bgmc with jam?

No! I meant a real life jam which you put on bread. However, I mean about movement - the turning feels werid. Maybe make it a bit more intuitive. Like not rotate and walk forwards, but walk in 4 directions, auto align rotation to direction etc. It would be much easier to control.

Ok so to the controls. If we would change them to directional movement, we´d have to set the camera to not rotate with the player. I think you can get used to the controls relatively quickly, although I see that they are not as intuitive as they might need to be. We might fix that later, but it has to do for now. And since people can actually play it through I think we achieved our goal to make it playable.
Now there just needs to be a longtime goal. Propably we should also up the prices for later equipment a bit, since getting them can be quite easy later on.

Well, I can’t manage to save all the people and advance to level 2. It is too difficult for me:(

I updated the file and made people survive longer. Hopefully it is easier now :D. Have fun.

Thanks! I will check!

This looks good man! Nice work!

The sharp 90 degree swings of the camera is disorienting (although I could see where you might want to design a bit of disorientation into the game), and the way the movement snaps makes it hard to get around. I played the game for about 30 minutes and I was never able to get past the first couple doors, because I could not get myself lined up correctly before either dying of overheating, or having to turn around to refill on water. Once I was able to get lined up and smash a door down, I have a heck of a time getting back through it, bumping into the corner of the door because I was one row/column off. If you want grid-based movement, maybe put a well-defined grid down on the floor (grid-sized tiles?), so the player gets a visual idea of how their movement relates to their environment. If I can see there are x amount of grid squares between me and the fire ahead of me, I know intuitively to tap forward x amount of times, then F to put the sucker out. If I can see the row of squares leading from a door, it becomes much easier to move correctly to get through it.
And yeah, a static camera with directional movement, rather than the over-the-shoulder view would help a lot.
A more visual indication of overheating would be good too. I died a lot of times from overheating and not really realizing it was even happening. That little overheating warning text should be farther up toward center screen, obscuring your view of the action, giving you incentive to make it Go Away :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great feedback! I see all your points and you’re right. Thanks for the good input. We will try to patch the game as soon as possible, which won’t happen before the end of thebgmc though. But this is really helpful. Thank you for taking your time nines!

just make the actor a arrow shape, or cone?
so he gets pushed into alignment?

I really like the art style it just looked so good

The controls are not that bad when you get used to them

@bpr: that’s a good idea, but the actor doesn’t actually have any physics enabled, all the collisions are coded. That’s why your idea would propably be hard to implement.

@John Hamilton: thanks. Why didn’t you join the bge? You have many good tutorials but you don’t really seem to make a game.

I usually try to make to big of a game or lack of planning and i end up giving up. Next time i may have to post my early prototype online so i have to finish it

Does everyone feel like the controls are too complicated. I think after some time you get used to them. Please give the game some time and don’t give up when you don’t save more than 3 people on the first run. The game is meant to be like that. If you save some you can still cash their money and restart and then bud upgrades from that money to finally save more people. That’s how the game goes. I hope you give it enough of you precious time to get into it.