BGMC 17 - Super RC Boat Racing [DONE]

Super RC Boat Racing (SRCBR) is a racing/combat/arcade game with RC (Remote Controlled) boats. You have to get the 1st place to win the game (like any other racing game). But you have pickups, that means you can shoot missiles, stop time, sabotage, use shields, etc…
The game is based on Crash Team Racing by Naughty Dog, my favorite game.

[Current Screenshot]

[Current Video]


  • Buoyancy Physics
  • Boat controls
  • AI
  • Pickups
  • Track
  • Modeling and Texturing

(-): Normal priority, (=): High priority, (+): Finished, (~): Finished but needs improvement, (*): Not so important

That’s all, stay tuned :smiley:

Hi! I like the idea! I hope that you will succeed. However - I would like if you also implement multiple boat choice and multiplayer(split screen). Theese are few ideas to do after finishing your plans to make this game more exciting.

Sounds great! I have a soft spot in my heart for combat-oriented racing games.

Will your pick-ups be similarly ‘miniturized’ as the boats are? I could see things like bottle-rocket missiles, soda can mines, etc.

The ‘track-clearer’ could be setting loose the wild 4-year-old to go chase down all the other boats and smash them into the water :smiley:

Split screen multiplayer sounds great :smiley:

Yes, the bottle-rocket missile sounds really cool!

Buoyancy: Done
Controls: 90%

Nice boat physics you got there :yes:

It looks like an interesting game , I’m looking forward to play it…good luck!

Hi! To make controls more realistic, I would put the front a bit higher when driving!:slight_smile:

I will do this, I’m just taking care of the hard things :slight_smile:
I started with programming, so I can have more time to take care of the graphics.

I started to program the enemy AI, it’s almost done.

Absolutely LOVE that game, gotta be one of my favorites too!

Good luck, can’t wait to play it!

This looks great! Nice to see you working on AI right from the start too. People often leave it until the last minute and that can really drag down the quality of their game. Good luck!

Thanks everybody :smiley:

Here’s a simple water simulation

Hydro Thunder is one of my favorite games ever so this is very nostalgic for me

Started to work on Pickups and finished a basic particle system (made specially for this game).

Oh, and that transparency glitch really annoys me :confused:

If you want to use the particle system script in your game, here’s the script:

Just add an Always sensor with TRUE level triggering on and connect to a Python Module controller.
Then a string property named “particle” and put the name of the particle object in the value field (The object must be in different layers, you can animate it to have colors and fading effects).

Again, thanks everyone :smiley:

The pickup system is almost finished and the game is now playable :smiley:
I will start to replace the placeholder-graphics very soon :slight_smile:

Today I started to replace the placeholder-graphics. Here’s a GIF of the first boat model :slight_smile:


I hope you like! :slight_smile:

Wow very impressive, looks great! Are you going to add characters in the boats?

You could add a bit more detail to boat like helixes around it’s top part. Otherwise it looks good;)

Probably not since these are RC/Toy Boats :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a good PC, so I prefer low poly models, but I have a friend who knows modeling better than me, he’s helping me out, and probably the models will look better :slight_smile:

Thanks again everybody !

Here’s one of the new boats made by my friend.