Bgmc 17 | The Last Survivor (FINISHED!!!!)

The Last Survivor (FINISHED!!)

You are in a huge world, where everyone is dead because of starvation, it’s difficult to find
Water & resources, So your task is to survive with the amount of thirst you have & find all the resources required and then you have to escape the region.

Specs Tested: Average 55 fps
· 16 ddr3 ram
· Intel Core I7 4700mq 2.4ghz
· Nvidia Gt740m 2gb + Intel HD 4600
· Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system

Message from developer:
|I recommend you play this game at least with dedicated graphics card (which I have), I tried to make the best graphics possible & staying at high fps as possible, I don’t think I will develop this game in the future, it’s just a short game, however I’m working on a huge game which is very similar to this game, but that takes lots of time to finish, So I made a shorter version of it.|

Project Date Started: August 6, 2015

Download: (Go to Finished Games thread on the new post)

Looks cool already! Good luck!

Hehe… I use the same zombie from blendswap in ShootGun game:D