BGMC 18 | GravTank

I Didn’t have time earlier to work this week so I started now

I am working on mechanics right now and I don’t know the story line yet

Here are some pictures

Here is my game- controls are in the game.

Have fun. I will continue work on my game, I am just pressed for time right now.

Good Luck all,


Looking good so far. Good luck!

I am currently working on the tutorial level.

Recent Additions-
Health bar
Gun overheat bar
Energy “holding” vehicle together
Tutorial basic layout

Things to do-
create several different enemies
create new levels with goals
create text for tutorial
Other assorted things

I also changed the turret so it only rotates up/down and let/right

Thanks for the comment and all the views

I am always open for suggestions (I like when people tell me what to fix)

Good Luck to everyone


Quick update-
I have created enemy mechs and I am creating tanks.
The Bullets now collide on the ground and spray dirt.
I also fixed the controls.

I will post some parts tomorrow after I get a few text prompts for the tutorial.

Thanks for all of the views, and I hope tomorrow I can get some people to test my game out a little


Can’t wait to play!

This is still a Wip (I need to fix some issues and make the text boxes look nicer)

Read info below before playing

Have fun- I think the tutorial is self explanatory (I just realized I made a mistake the- It will make sense- the battery pack for the mech is not red- it is the grey extrusion off the main body, I will fix this soon, I am running out of time for tonight)

Thanks for the support and I look forward to any suggestions- tomorrow I should have time to place some screen shots, but in the mean time enjoy the WIP Tutorial of my game


P.s. You can’t win- In other words just cross the gaps until the last platform

Enemies in bound

-Flying Demons (literally they are scary in pairs)

Mech- Can only destroy by shooting the battery in the back, and it is heavily armed with a flame thrower and plasma gun (they are dumb, you can beat it by jumping on top of it and then shooting it)

Tank- Easy (relatively) just shoot until it dies

I don’t know what to call them but they are evil, my most recent enemy- Forward facing gun, very observant, and will fly around to avoid shots (be careful if there are two one will fly up while the other falls down)

I hope the test worked well, have fun I hope to keep working, I don’t have much time.


This game is pretty fun. Possibly move the instruction boxes out of the view? or is that intentional for excitement?

I moved them already, thanks for the playing- I hope to add some more depth to the idea of using gravity. Was there any major difficulties for being a tutorial?

I already posted screen shots but heres the game

Have fun, if there are any issues please inform me.

Recent changes-
added more environment
You can now press Shift to stabilize the tank
You can now press “R” to center the gun

Things to do-
Create more enemies
Create more levels and more environment stuff
write music
create a title screen
other assorted things

Have fun on my most recent addition, unfortunately I don’t have time, so I will probably have to have it finished by tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone


Here is the main menu (Navigate using up/down arrows and press spacebar to activate)

My game is mostly complete, I will work on writing music tonight, and test it a couple more times. I should have the product posted by tomorrow.

I finished a second level, and I am excited to hear what people think about my game

Good luck to all of the developers